About the ExploGuide Project

Why is ExploGuide different?

The ExploGuide project is dedicated to travelers who like to explore off the path, curious and unknown locations. Users (also called Explorers) can use the website to meet other local Explorers and explore with them. Lastly, Explorers can share their adventures and add new Explos to discover ! 


Discover unknown and unsual locations

The project highlights off the path Explos shared by ExploGuide Writers. To favor singular and quality content, each Explo is reviewed and rated by our team depending on defined criteria:

-"Off the path Explo" criteria (rated by ExploGuide team): is the Explo world famous? Country famous? Regionaly famous? Localy famous? Only on ExploGuide?

-"Article Quality" criteria (rated by ExploGuide team): is the description complete? With many tips? With useful information to get there? With handmade plans? Pictures? Is it well located on the map?

-"Explo Popularity" criteria (rated by Explorers): Explorers who have been to an Explo can rate it. While doing so, they are invited to give their personal tips and experience.

ExploGuide rates


Play with handmade plans and maps

Having maps and plans is very important when traveling. That's why Explos with handmade maps and plans are favored, because we believe these Explos are a bit more personal. And using it is also like a game, like a treasure hunt ;-)

ExploGuide plan


Find exactly what you like to explore

Some travelers like History, but some others prefer Architecture, or Nature... All Explos are sorted in 250+ communities (from "ghost and haunted places", to "beaches", "ruins" or "geological oddities") so you can easily filter what you really like to visit. 

ExploGuide Icons

Tick / unticks the icons above the interactive maps to play and filter what you want to see!


Join 250+ communities and forums

At the moment, there are about 250 communities on ExploGuide. If you want to meet other Explorers who like to explore the same spots than you, and if you want to talk on the dedicated forum, you should join the communities you like!


Show your friends where you have explored

You did find an Explo where you have already been? Click on "I was there too". By doing so, your "I have been there" personal map widget will be automatically completed, so you can show every one where you have been!

ExploGuide widget

If you want to display your widget on your personal website, copy the code below the map and paste it!


Meet other Explorers

Depending on where you are, you can easily find all the Explorers around and explore with them. For doing so, use the "Meet Explorers search page": Girls, boys, guides, hosts, you can use different criteria and zoom on the map to search who you want to meet!


Become an ExploGuide Writer

You know off the beaten track, unsual or unknown places? Write your own Explos and become an ExploGuide Writer! For doing so, you need to register. Then you can start writing (5 steps to go - 20 minutes average time). Once completed, your Explo will be online and we will control it, with some tips to improve its ranking if necessary! ExploGuide Writers get special badges they can add on their own websites (with a "copy paste" code).

Write an Explo now!

Explo Writer


ExploGuide Guides and Hosts

You can also decide to welcome Explorers who come to your city. You can host them (on your coach for instance) and then you will get your "Host" badge. You can also guide them around and then you will get your "Guide" badge. You can paste these badges on your personal website and then show your friends how you contribute to ExploGuide ;-)


Ask questions to Explorers, get answers

You found an Explo where you would like to go? If you have questions and need answers, click "ask questions to Explorers who have been there"!


ExploGuide: creating a Responsible and Fair Exploration Tourism

We are aware that tourism often degrades visited sites due to the affluence of tourists. Therefore, the project aims to protect fragile off the path spots and to encourage the emergence of new alternative cultures.

How can we do?

-By creating the ExploGuide user community: Explorers who like traveling off the path are the best ambassadors who can promote the respect of unknown and alternative spots.

-By editing a list of simple travel tips to responsibly explore off the beaten path. This list is open and contributive: everyone is welcome to participate and use this list for his own site.

-By listing unknown touristic spots, we make people/locals aware of the need to protect them: indeed, we unfortunately stated that many historical buildings are destroyed daily because no one knows and then protects them.

-By interesting locals to preserve their heritage because off the path tourism is a source of income for them: for instance, this is a chance for local guides who can share locations in the database and then get tourists.

-By financing fair tourism projects, with the profits that shall be generated through the website.

-By promoting on the website fair tourism projects.


ExploGuide: who we are?

The ExploGuide project has about 400 members worldwide. We all have a passion for exploring off the path, curious and unknown locations.

So, are you in?!