Alternative travel handy rules

Like us, you like exploring and discovering unknown and curious locations. But traveling off the beaten path can sometimes affect the visited places and people, which might suffer from too many visitors. So for your safety, but also to preserve our favorite places and make our passion not to alter them, here's a handy list of tips for traveling off the beaten path. Because offbeat travelling is not like a normal leisure walk in Vegas or to your favourite mall !

This list is contributory. If you have any ideas of advice to add, please write to us!

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1. General

1.1. No brakeage to access a location

1.2. For private locations, ask permission to the owners: just asking politely is magic: it opens so many closed gates!

1.3. Respect the visited locations: don't steal, don't tag walls, don't break: others will visit the site after you and will also want to enjoy it! Do not move or alter objects.

1.4. When climbing, go slow and make sure you hold 3 grips at a time (2 hands / 1 foot or 2 feet / 1 hand ). Beware when walking on rotten floors (stay on the beams as much as you can). Beware of holes, particularly when you walk in undergrounds.

1.5. When going to dangerous places or undergrounds, tell a friend where you go and when you plan to be back so he can call the police to rescue you if he gets no news from you.

1.6. Take a headlamp. This is a small item, and you can need it anytime, anywhere!

1.7. Should we say that you should bring your trash back home? ;)

2. Historical locations

2.1. Don't walk on ruined walls.

2.2. Don't dig. Your are not an archeologist and you could be easily spotted!

2.3. Don't steal antic objects you might find: anyway you have a great chance to be arrested  at customs when checking your luggages.

2.4. Don't buy antic objects (and 99% of them are fake)!


3. Nature locations

3.1. Respect the signs and bans: they are not there for nothing and protect fauna / flora.

3.2. Take a litte waterproof box to put your camera/phone and ID paper: havy rains make you completly wet very quickly!

4. Cultural locations and locals

4.1. Try whenever you can to eat, sleep and buy in local small business: this is part of the adventure!

4.2. Ask permission when taking pictures of locals. Once again: politeness is magic!

4.3. Always bargain prices, even if prices seem low to you: otherwise, travelers coming  after you will suffer inflation and will be seen as "   purses"!

4.4. Respect habits, cultures and beliefs: Stay discrete when you attend processions and tradional events.


Enjoy adventure!