Fair Tourism Projects

We need projects!!!!

This page is specially dedicated to people who have fair tourism projects and who need promotion.

Contact us! to submit your project to Explorers from all over the world!

Gic Africatour is a project led by Etienne for fair tourism in Cameroon.

Soliland is a project runned by one of our friends: Matthieu. On his website, you can buy hundreds of items, from food to electronics. Every time you buy, you select an association, and a % (up to 15%!) of your payment amount is directly funded to the association. No need to mention that the price you pay is the same as anywhere else: there are is extra charge!

The Iguana Research & Breeding Station is a conservation and nature research project run by the Bay Islands Foundation, a charity and non-governmental organization from Honduras. The main objective of the Iguana Station is the protection of a critically endangered species of Iguana that it's found only in the beautiful island of Utila, in the Caribbean of Honduras. The station is open to the public every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 2 to 5 pm, but will greet you any other day if you can't come those days. We also offer exclusive cave explorations, kayaking trips and hikes through the jungles. Donations welcome!