Art Deco (20s - 30s)

Art Deco Building, Centro Habana

Art Deco Building, Centro HabanaArt Deco Building, Centro Habana

A strange Art Deco building, at the intersection of Calle Zanja and Avenida de Italia.
Manuel Ascunse Domenech Art Deco church, Cienfuegos

Manuel Ascunse Domenech Art ...Manuel Ascunse Domenech Art ...

A small Art Deco church, now converted into a social building.
Great Loge Freemansons Art Deco building, La Habana

Great Loge Freemansons Art  ...Great Loge Freemansons Art ...

One of the biggest and most curious Art Deco building in La Havana.
Instituto del Libro "skycraper", Habana Vieja

Instituto del Libro "skycra ...Instituto del Libro "skycra ...

At the cross road between Obispo and Aguiar streets, this tall Art Deco style building (9 storeys) overlooks the old Habana Vieja.
Poussan Art Deco former city hall

Poussan Art Deco former city hallPoussan Art Deco former city hall

An interesting little ARt Deco style building in Poussan.
Old German Zeppelin hangars, Riga central market

Old German Zeppelin hangars ...Old German Zeppelin hangars ...

Impressive Zeppelin hangars!!
Tony Garnier urban museum, Lyon

Tony Garnier urban museum, LyonTony Garnier urban museum, Lyon

The Tony Garnier urban museum proposes an outdoor walk of 25 walls painted on the walls of the Cité des Etats-Unis (United States city) housing buildings, constructed by Tony Garnier in 1930-1934.<
Edificio Bacardi Art Deco building, La Habana

Edificio Bacardi Art Deco b ...Edificio Bacardi Art Deco b ...

One of the best example of Art Déco architecture in the world.
Maastunnel areation system tower

Maastunnel areation system towerMaastunnel areation system tower

A strange building. It took me quite some time before I realise what it is...
Palais consulaire de Sète Art Déco building

Palais consulaire de Sète A ...Palais consulaire de Sète A ...

An interesting Art Deco building in Sète very heart.
Palais de la Porte Dorée, palace and museums, Paris

Palais de la Porte Dorée, p ...Palais de la Porte Dorée, p ...

A very nice Art Deco palace, vestige of the French Colonies, now hosting an acquarium and the French immigration museum.
Dzirnavu iela 57, Administrative building, Riga

Dzirnavu iela 57, Administr ...Dzirnavu iela 57, Administr ...

There are not only Art Nouveau buildings in Riga. Here is one example of a building looking more like Art Deco architecture!
Farmers’ Tower (Borentoren), Art Déco skyscraper, Antwerp

Farmers’ Tower (Borentoren) ...Farmers’ Tower (Borentoren) ...

An Art Déco style skyscraper in the heart of Antwerpen city center.
Museum of Decorative Arts and Design, Riga

Museum of Decorative Arts a ...Museum of Decorative Arts a ...

An interesting museum to learn more about Latvian Decorative Art.
Royal Palace, Luang Prabang

Royal Palace, Luang PrabangRoyal Palace, Luang Prabang

Take off your shoes and have a fresh visit discovering a nicely decorated palace museum, with a unique French Art Déco and Lao traditional architectural style...
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