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Gypsotheca Canoviano, Possagno

Gypsotheca Canoviano, PossagnoGypsotheca Canoviano, Possagno

Possagno is the home town of one of the greatest sculptors of all time : Antonio Canova (1757-1822).

Rambervillers, flammed potteryRambervillers, flammed pottery

An unique variety of ceramics in the tradition of the "Ecole de Nancy".
The buddhist pantheon, Paris

The buddhist pantheon, ParisThe buddhist pantheon, Paris

The buddhist pantheon is part of the great Guimet museum for asian arts. The buddhist pantheon is a really peaceful place.
Museum de Arte Moderno de Merida

Museum de Arte Moderno de MeridaMuseum de Arte Moderno de Merida

A little contemporary art museum, located in an interesting open air building.
Museum of colonial art, Merida

Museum of colonial art, MeridaMuseum of colonial art, Merida

Nice religious objects, displayed in a old colonial house with a peaceful patio. Short visit.
King Bhumibol's Photographic Exhibitions Hall

King Bhumibol's Photographi ...King Bhumibol's Photographi ...

King Bhumibol is passionate about photography. This small museum displays some of the photos he has made.
Casa Popicu - The Museum-House of the Pop Family - Romanian, Ukrainian and Jewish music from Maramureş

Casa Popicu - The Museum-Ho ...Casa Popicu - The Museum-Ho ...

The pace of life in Hoteni village is as relaxed and charmed as the couple who own this homestead; Ion Pop, nicknamed "Popicu" by his wife.
Pointe des Poulains cape,  Sarah Bernhardt fort,  Belle-ile, France

Pointe des Poulains cape,   ...Pointe des Poulains cape, ...

At the North-West end of Belle-ile, the Pointe des Poulains cape is battered by waves and storms. It is a magical place made famous by Sarah Bernhardt.
São Tiago fortress, Funchal

São Tiago fortress, FunchalSão Tiago fortress, Funchal

The museum of contemporary art of Funchal is in the old fortress which protects the harbour of Funchal
Musee Mario Prassinos, drawings, Saint Remy de Provence

Musee Mario Prassinos, draw ...Musee Mario Prassinos, draw ...

A nice exhibition of Prassinos' works, who fell in love with the Alpilles.
Museo Provencial, Parque Marti, Cienfuegos

Museo Provencial, Parque Ma ...Museo Provencial, Parque Ma ...

Located on the south side of Parque Marti, the provincial museum is an opportunity for a visit to discover the rich paintings and objects that surrounded the wealthy Cuban-French society of the gol
Koprivshtitsa historic town

Koprivshtitsa historic townKoprivshtitsa historic town

Koprivshtitsa (Копривщица) was one of the centres of the April Uprising against the Ottoman occupation in 1876 and is known for its authentic architecture, folk music festivals, museums.
Teresa Carreño Theater, Caracas

Teresa Carreño Theater, CaracasTeresa Carreño Theater, Caracas

A gigantic auditorium hosting up to 3,000 people, located in a concrete, bunker looking like building... A huge centre dedicated to art performance.
Museo arcquidiocesano of Merida

Museo arcquidiocesano of MeridaMuseo arcquidiocesano of Merida

This museum features a collection of religious art.
Stieglitz Museum of Decorative and Applied Arts, Saint-Petersburg

Stieglitz Museum of Decorat ...Stieglitz Museum of Decorat ...

Little-known and little visited, this museum provides satisfaction because it is difficult to access.
Contemporary Art Museum, Caracas

Contemporary Art Museum, CaracasContemporary Art Museum, Caracas

After visiting the Parque Central, have a look at the Caracas museum for contemporary art. Nice a fresh visit.

The Geffen contemporary at MOCAThe Geffen contemporary at MOCA

That of Los Angeles 3 MOCAs who has the most wide collections
Fondation Vasarely & museum, Aix en Provence

Fondation Vasarely & museum ...Fondation Vasarely & museum ...

« Deux grandes forces régissent l’existence : la force du renouveau et celle de la conservation. Le monde va du passé au futur, l’individu du futur au passé… c’est sa tragédie.
MOCA Pacific Design Center, West Hollywood

MOCA Pacific Design Center, ...MOCA Pacific Design Center, ...

A free, very little contemporary museum.
Wallpapers museum, Rixheim , Mulhouse

Wallpapers museum, Rixheim  ...Wallpapers museum, Rixheim ...

A huge collection of wallpaper,exposed where they were produced.
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