Baroque (17th - 18th)

San Pedro church, Güimar, Tenerife

San Pedro church, Güimar, T ...San Pedro church, Güimar, T ...

A worth a look little church.
Iglesia y Monasterio de San Francisco, Habana Vieja

Iglesia y Monasterio de San ...Iglesia y Monasterio de San ...

Beautiful white stone building, with many shady courtyards orned with dicreet fountains.
Uclès monastery,  Castilla - La Mancha

Uclès monastery,  Castilla  ...Uclès monastery, Castilla ...

Between Madrid and Cuenca stand the " Escorial de la Mancha" mountains. There, you can visit an interesting monastery...
Château de la  Mogère, Montpellier, France

Château de la  Mogère, Mont ...Château de la Mogère, Mont ...

At the gates of Montpellier, a 18th century castle. The owner, the Viscount Gaston de Saporta, will guide you for the visit.
Cathedral of Merida

Cathedral of MeridaCathedral of Merida

An eclectic cathedral with a mixture of styles.
Catedral de San Cristobal de La Habana

Catedral de San Cristobal d ...Catedral de San Cristobal d ...

A beautiful baroque building : Cuban writer Alejo Carpentier famously described the Cathedral as "music set in stone".
Tsarskoye Selo, Pushkin, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Tsarskoye Selo, Pushkin, Sa ...Tsarskoye Selo, Pushkin, Sa ...

The most brilliant, the most imposing Imperial buildings of St. Petersburg. It comprises 2 Palace: the "Catherine" Palace (largest), and the "Alexander" Palace (more sober).
Centro Gallego baroque buidling, La Habana

Centro Gallego baroque buid ...Centro Gallego baroque buid ...

A wonderful Theater close to the Capitole.
Frombork cathedrale,  Warmia

Frombork cathedrale,  WarmiaFrombork cathedrale, Warmia

Frombork is a little town (about 3000 inhabitants) located in the North of Poland in the Warmia Region. But it is also the town where Copernicus lived...
Peterhof, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Peterhof, Saint-Petersburg, RussiaPeterhof, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

The Russian "Versailles" of Peter the Great, near the sea, with its fantastic water games.
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