Beaches & Creeks

Playa Perla Blanca, Cayo Santa Maria

Playa Perla Blanca, Cayo Sa ...Playa Perla Blanca, Cayo Sa ...

This beach is maybe the best and most lonely beach of the Cayo Santa Maria islands. Sea, sand and nature. Nothing more.
Terkulai island, Tanjung Pinang, Bintan

Terkulai island, Tanjung Pi ...Terkulai island, Tanjung Pi ...

Terkulai island is a lovely desert island fringed by a sandy beach...
Sainte-Suzanne Hindu temple, Réunion island

Sainte-Suzanne Hindu temple ...Sainte-Suzanne Hindu temple ...

A lovely and colourful Tamil temple standing on a beach...
Tour of Belle-île by feet, Belle-île-en-mer, Brittany, France

Tour of Belle-île by feet,  ...Tour of Belle-île by feet, ...

Belle-île really deserves its name: it is the most beautiful of the French islands of the Atlantic Ocean! You can make a 5 day walking tour on a coastal trail to discover it...
Cala Longa destroyed hotel, Bonifacio

Cala Longa destroyed hotel, ...Cala Longa destroyed hotel, ...

A huge resort abandonned for 10 years now...
Sumur getaway beach

Sumur getaway beachSumur getaway beach

Private beach for everyone: yup... that's what i'd call this beach. It's really nowhere to be found. No people around in range 3km, white sand, clear water. Perfect getaway for beach lover!
Secret Beach and Lava Pools, Kauai island

Secret Beach and Lava Pools ...Secret Beach and Lava Pools ...

Kauai, Hawaii’s Garden Island, has several “secret” spots (how secret can it be when its official name says it is secret?) that actually are not overcrowded.
Santa Cruz island, Channel islands

Santa Cruz island, Channel islandsSanta Cruz island, Channel islands

An island so far from the world, so close to Los Angeles...
Nipah valley, Tioman island

Nipah valley, Tioman islandNipah valley, Tioman island

This is paradise! A creek, a beach, a river. The ideal place to get away from hordes of tourists and enjoy simple nature life.
Babi Besar island lost resort

Babi Besar island lost resortBabi Besar island lost resort

Palau Babi Besar is a little island not really far from Mersing (20km E). You can visit there something very strange: a lost resort...

Cambrettes creek, Frioul islandsCambrettes creek, Frioul islands

The wildest and most off side creek of the Frioul archipelago. It is situated on Pomègues, an island classified as a maritime park.
Fawlty Towers on Lake Skadar

Fawlty Towers on Lake SkadarFawlty Towers on Lake Skadar

A breath taking nature and sheer beauty of the lake, islands and mountains

Mantanani IslandMantanani Island

Nice beaches and blue waters perfect for snorkelling and diving holidays
Ile Verte, La Ciotat

Ile Verte, La CiotatIle Verte, La Ciotat

Ile Verte literally means "the Green Island". A little paradise, with 3 beaches, 2 lost forts ruins, creeks, pine trees and deep blue water.
Salto Ucaima waterfall and beach, Canaima

Salto Ucaima waterfall and  ...Salto Ucaima waterfall and ...

Just opposite from the Canaima beach, a huge waterfall...
Hagampo Beach and Sea Cliffs

Hagampo Beach and Sea CliffsHagampo Beach and Sea Cliffs

Hagampo is a hidden gem in the middle of the Western coast of Korea, in Taean Marine National Park.
Pulau Lengkuas (Lengkuas Island)

Pulau Lengkuas (Lengkuas Island)Pulau Lengkuas (Lengkuas Island)

Another beatiful island in Indonesia
"Panama's Maledives" - no luxury though, just an explorer's heaven!

"Panama's Maledives" - no l ..."Panama's Maledives" - no l ...

Have you always been dreaming of crystal clear waters and small round white-sanded islands with a few palm-trees on them? Then you've come to the right place - if you dare!
Veczemes Red cliffs, Mantini, Salacgrïva

Veczemes Red cliffs, Mantin ...Veczemes Red cliffs, Mantin ...

A nice nature reserve aloong a nice peeble beach.
Vazen beach and hole, Belle-Ile

Vazen beach and hole, Belle-IleVazen beach and hole, Belle-Ile

Between Port-Donant and Port-Coton, a short walk to very nice points of views...
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