Cable cars

The Pic du Midi, astronomical observatory

The Pic du Midi, astronomic ...The Pic du Midi, astronomic ...

A wonderful sight over the French Pyrenees mountains, with easy access. If you like astronomy, nature and sights, this is definitely a "must go" destination if you are around!
Casa de Campo park and cable car, Madrid

Casa de Campo park and cabl ...Casa de Campo park and cabl ...

The cable car will offer you the possibility of overlooking Madrid and of contemplating one of its most historic but also the most green districts.
Teide Peak hike, Tenerife Island, Canary

Teide Peak hike, Tenerife I ...Teide Peak hike, Tenerife I ...

Hiking to the top of the Teide volcano, the highest summit of Canary islands and Spain: 3718m!
Waraira Repano (Avila Magica)

Waraira Repano (Avila Magica)Waraira Repano (Avila Magica)

Go up to this park and you will be able to see the most beautiful view from Caracas from the top, and if you're lucky you'll be amazed also for some others views!
Merida's world's highest cable car

Merida's world's highest cable carMerida's world's highest cable car

Merida Cable Car is the world's highest cable car and the second longest after the Norsjø, Sweden. He is more than 12.5km long and reaches a height of 4,765 meters.
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