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Oum Lâalag sacred oasis, Mhamid

Oum Lâalag sacred oasis, MhamidOum Lâalag sacred oasis, Mhamid

The closest oasis from Ouarzazate... Looking for a moonlight walk around a little oasis or for an accessible base camp to get around into the desert dunes? Get to Oum Lâalag sacred oasis!
Fort de Peccais, Aigues-Mortes

Fort de Peccais, Aigues-MortesFort de Peccais, Aigues-Mortes

An incredible site: the ruins of a 16th century fort, lost in the marshland... Atmosphere guaranteed.

Telegraph Creek car tour and sight, Stikine River, British ColombiaTelegraph Creek car tour and sight, Stikine River, British Colombia

A breathtaking car tour: looking over the edge literally took my breath away!
Titus canyon drive, Death Valley

Titus canyon drive, Death ValleyTitus canyon drive, Death Valley

A 42km long track in the middle of magnificent landscapes, with a ghost village on the way, and a great drive in a canyon at the end of the trip.
Volcano road, Route du Volcan, la Fournaise

Volcano road, Route du Volc ...Volcano road, Route du Volc ...

The only access to the volcano: a 30km long road (20km are tarred). By driving on this easy road, you will pass from tropical and farming landscapes to a mineral universe...
El Teide, Carretera Dorsale, Tenerife

El Teide, Carretera Dorsale ...El Teide, Carretera Dorsale ...

Considering the huge dimensions of the Teide volcano and its caldera, the best way to visit it is to take your car, as far as an excellent road connects Esperanza (in the North) to Vilaflor (in the
Fish Market , Chioggia, Italy

Fish Market , Chioggia, ItalyFish Market , Chioggia, Italy

Located on the Southern side of the lagoon of Venice, 20km north from the delta of the Po river, Chioggia is a small town with an extraordinary fish market.
Hermigua village, La Gomera island

Hermigua village, La Gomera islandHermigua village, La Gomera island

A 500 inhabitants village, located in a lush valley on the north-east side of the island. A very quiet atmosphere.
The mountains in the eastern parts of Cuba

The mountains in the easter ...The mountains in the easter ...

Eastern parts of Cuba is really off paths. Wonderful nature, tourists are a rare sight and just so untouched.....
Anaga mountains car tour, Tenerife

Anaga mountains car tour, TenerifeAnaga mountains car tour, Tenerife

Rugged mountains on the north-eastern tip of the Tenerife island.
Ngueniene market, Petite Côte

Ngueniene market, Petite CôteNgueniene market, Petite Côte

After a wild trip into the bush, you will discover a colorful and picturesque market!
The VLT (Very Large Telescope)

The VLT (Very Large Telescope)The VLT (Very Large Telescope)

The VLT is located at 3000 meters above sea level, in the most arid desert on earth, optimizing the viewing conditions for astrophysicists.
Chgaga dunes, Mhamid

Chgaga dunes, MhamidChgaga dunes, Mhamid

Ouarzazate closest sand dunes. These 40-50m high dunes are easy to access to. A really nice place, where you will feel like lost in the middle of the Sahara desert...
Gruyeres, Switzerland

Gruyeres, SwitzerlandGruyeres, Switzerland

Great day trip: Train ride, Gruyeres medieval town and castle, chocolate and Gruyere cheese factories.
Tarn river gorges car tour

Tarn river gorges car tourTarn river gorges car tour

Small road from Millau to Florac by the river in the bottom of the gorge, passing traditional villages and exceptional views around.
Great Ocean Road - see the wonders of the 12 Apostles

Great Ocean Road - see the  ...Great Ocean Road - see the ...

The Great Ocean Road is one of Australia's great drives - travel along the coast and discover Bells Beach, one of Australia's most renowned surfing beaches, discover the 12 Apostles and experience
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