St-Stephanmünster, Breisach, Kayserstuhl

St-Stephanmünster, Breisach ...St-Stephanmünster, Breisach ...

Breisach, the capital of Kayserstuhl, is famous for the interior decoration of the St-Stephanmünster cathedral.
Cathedral Santa Anna, Las Palmas

Cathedral Santa Anna, Las PalmasCathedral Santa Anna, Las Palmas

In the historic cradle of Vegueta, the Cathedral of Santa Anna is adjacent to the Museo Diocesano, which is installed around the patio de Los Naranjos and is devoted to religious art.
Zvartnots cathedral ruins

Zvartnots cathedral ruinsZvartnots cathedral ruins

Zvartnots Cathedral is a 7th-century aisled tetraconch type Armenian church now in ruins.
Cathédrale Notre-Dame du Puy-en-Velay

Cathédrale Notre-Dame du Pu ...Cathédrale Notre-Dame du Pu ...

Le Puy Cathedral (Cathédrale Notre-Dame du Puy) is a Roman Catholic cathedral, and a national monument of France.
Cathedral of Merida

Cathedral of MeridaCathedral of Merida

An eclectic cathedral with a mixture of styles.
Catedral de San Cristobal de La Habana

Catedral de San Cristobal d ...Catedral de San Cristobal d ...

A beautiful baroque building : Cuban writer Alejo Carpentier famously described the Cathedral as "music set in stone".
Saint-Isaac cathedral, Saint Petersburg

Saint-Isaac cathedral, Sain ...Saint-Isaac cathedral, Sain ...

The 3rd largest cathedral in the world! Grandiose, this building impresses by the richness of its decoration and by the technical feat has represented its construction.
St-Nicolas Naval cathedral ,  Saint-Petersburg

St-Nicolas Naval cathedral  ...St-Nicolas Naval cathedral ...

Magnificent blue and white baroque construction dedicated to Saint Nicolas, patron of sailors. It is the preferred church of the Petersbourg inhabitants.
Peter-and-Paul fortress , St. Petersburg, Russia

Peter-and-Paul fortress , S ...Peter-and-Paul fortress , S ...

Birthplace of the city, the Peter-and-Paul is the prerequisite for every tourist arriving in St. Petersburg.
Frombork cathedrale,  Warmia

Frombork cathedrale,  WarmiaFrombork cathedrale, Warmia

Frombork is a little town (about 3000 inhabitants) located in the North of Poland in the Warmia Region. But it is also the town where Copernicus lived...
 Church of the Savior on the Spilled Blood, Saint-Petersburg

 Church of the Savior on th ... Church of the Savior on th ...

Spectacular church in neo-moscovit style on the Griboyedov canal. Its name is a reference to the attack that caused the death of Czar Alexander II.
Cathedral Nuestra Señora de Gracia, Cuenca

Cathedral Nuestra Señora de ...Cathedral Nuestra Señora de ...

Cuenca is one of the most beautiful Spanish medieval cities, declared a world heritage site by UNESCO.
St. Alexander Nevsky Orthodox Cathedral, Tallin

St. Alexander Nevsky Orthod ...St. Alexander Nevsky Orthod ...

An impressive Orthodox Cathedral.
Nativity orthodox Cathedral, Kristus Piedzimšanas pareizticīgo katedrāle, Riga

Nativity orthodox Cathedral ...Nativity orthodox Cathedral ...

A nice example of orthodox cathedrals.
Basilica San Marco, Venice

Basilica San Marco, VeniceBasilica San Marco, Venice

Basilica San Marco is a jewek and the symbol of the Venetian past power. It is one of the best-known and most visited Venetian places, but often in poor conditions.
Sagrada Familia cathedral, Barcelona

Sagrada Familia cathedral,  ...Sagrada Familia cathedral, ...

The famous Sagrada Familia offers the steep spectacle of a gigantic and fantastic cathedral which is still under construction.
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