Contemporary Arts

Check Point Charlie art Galleries, Berlin

Check Point Charlie art Gal ...Check Point Charlie art Gal ...

Berlin is maybe the craziest city in Europe for nightlife, art and creation. So you can't visit Berlin without checking out German contemporary art creations and visiting Berlin's art galleries.
Squat 59Rivoli, Electrons Libres artist squat, Paris

Squat 59Rivoli, Electrons L ...Squat 59Rivoli, Electrons L ...

A whole building squatted by a dozen of artists in the very heart of Paris.
Beaubourg Art galleries tour, Paris

Beaubourg Art galleries tou ...Beaubourg Art galleries tou ...

Visiting an original open air modern art museum for free at your own pace, while discovering Paris districts and café terrasses? Let's make an art galleries tour!
Nimis Arx, Ladonia

Nimis Arx, LadoniaNimis Arx, Ladonia

An independent country in the middle of Sweden, a nice pebble beach populated with strange wooden statues...
Museum de Arte Moderno de Merida

Museum de Arte Moderno de MeridaMuseum de Arte Moderno de Merida

A little contemporary art museum, located in an interesting open air building.
Venice beach tour, Santa Monica, California

Venice beach tour, Santa Mo ...Venice beach tour, Santa Mo ...

Venice Beach is a curious stroll in the South of Santa Monica.
Contemporary Art Museum, Caracas

Contemporary Art Museum, CaracasContemporary Art Museum, Caracas

After visiting the Parque Central, have a look at the Caracas museum for contemporary art. Nice a fresh visit.

The Geffen contemporary at MOCAThe Geffen contemporary at MOCA

That of Los Angeles 3 MOCAs who has the most wide collections
MOCA Pacific Design Center, West Hollywood

MOCA Pacific Design Center, ...MOCA Pacific Design Center, ...

A free, very little contemporary museum.
MOCA Grand Avenue

MOCA Grand AvenueMOCA Grand Avenue

Contemporary art museum with temporary exhibitions.
Louisiana Museum for Moderne Kunst‎

Louisiana Museum for Modern ...Louisiana Museum for Modern ...

One of the most famous modern art museum in the world.
Saatchi Gallery, Chelsea, London

Saatchi Gallery, Chelsea, LondonSaatchi Gallery, Chelsea, London

The Saatchi Gallery is an impressive contemporary art gallery, with temporary exhibitions. You will like it or not.
Centre Pompidou, France Modern Art museum, Paris

Centre Pompidou, France Mod ...Centre Pompidou, France Mod ...

The leading collection of modern and contemporary art in Europe.
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