Farms & Agriculture

Grand Hazier domain and villa, Sainte-SuzanneGrand Hazier domain and villa, Sainte-Suzanne

A vast agriculture domain, an old colonial style villa, with all the dependences...
Bio-aromatic gardens of the Ourika Valley

Bio-aromatic gardens of the ...Bio-aromatic gardens of the ...

In the middle of the Ourika Valley (southern of Marrakech), an haven of serenity: medical and aromatic plants in a amazingly well laid out garden.
Hermigua village, La Gomera island

Hermigua village, La Gomera islandHermigua village, La Gomera island

A 500 inhabitants village, located in a lush valley on the north-east side of the island. A very quiet atmosphere.
Pompadour, Horse centre, Corréze

Pompadour, Horse centre, CorrézePompadour, Horse centre, Corréze

Famous thanks its beautiful Marquise, the Pompadour castle is also a world renowned place for horse lovers.
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