Fortified Cities & Ramparts

Pom Phet fortress, Ayutthaya

Pom Phet fortress, AyutthayaPom Phet fortress, Ayutthaya

A vestige of the 12km long city walls and fortresses that protected Ayutthaya in the past...
Thouzon priory church, l'Isle sur la Sorgue

Thouzon priory church, l'Is ...Thouzon priory church, l'Is ...

Dominating the plain irrigated by the Sorgue river, some ruins stand on a rocky eminence. By far they look like a castle.
Le Palais, fortifications, Belle-Ile, France

Le Palais, fortifications,  ...Le Palais, fortifications, ...

This is a rare example of a 19th century urban fortified enclosure. The ramparts kept their original state.
Pom Phra Sumain fort, Bangkok old town

Pom Phra Sumain fort, Bangk ...Pom Phra Sumain fort, Bangk ...

A vestige of the old Bangkok fortress, standing in a nice park along the Chao Praya river...
Mahakan fort, Bangkok old town

Mahakan fort, Bangkok old townMahakan fort, Bangkok old town

The Mahakan fort is also called the Phrakan fortress. It is a vestige of the old Bangkok fortress...
Bonifacio coastal defences

Bonifacio coastal defencesBonifacio coastal defences

Bonifacio is a magnificiant Vauban fortress. On the southern side of the village, you can anjoy a beautiful view over the sea and discover impressive defence buildings.
Fortified city of Rions, Gironde

Fortified city of Rions, GirondeFortified city of Rions, Gironde

On the Bordeaux-Langon road (CD10), between some of the best vineyards and the Garonne, a Medieval Village...
Neuf-Brisach, Alsace

Neuf-Brisach, AlsaceNeuf-Brisach, Alsace

The masterpiece of Vauban military architecture.
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