Geological oddities

Wat Dane Soung temple, Houakoua, Vientiane

Wat Dane Soung temple, Houa ...Wat Dane Soung temple, Houa ...

The Dane Soung Plateau is believed to have been an important spiritual centre of ancient Vientiane-Viengkham...
Birishiri : the last stoppage on a bus route

Birishiri : the last stoppa ...Birishiri : the last stoppa ...

A remote locality at the end of a bus route that starts from the capital city Dhaka and ends in a district named Netrokona, bordering India.
Cheltenham Badlands

Cheltenham BadlandsCheltenham Badlands

Feel like going to Mars? This might be your closest bet, about an hour's drive from Toronto.
Terrevaine, natural bridge, La Ciotat

Terrevaine, natural bridge, ...Terrevaine, natural bridge, ...

A geological curiosity easily visible from the road...
Lava flow of La Bourianne - St-Julien-d'Ance

Lava flow of La Bourianne - ...Lava flow of La Bourianne - ...

6,5 millions years ago, a lava flow resulting from the southeast has crossed more than 5 km in a little deep valley. It went out by the mouth of a volcano with a conical shape.
Dinosaur eggs and fossiles, Saint-André-de-Rosans, Hautes-Alpes

Dinosaur eggs and fossiles, ...Dinosaur eggs and fossiles, ...

A Geological curiosity, with a very pleasant walking tour.
The Singing Barhan - Singing sand dune

The Singing Barhan - Singin ...The Singing Barhan - Singin ...

Across the Ili river in the north-east from Almaty there is a strange mountain.
Vazen beach and hole, Belle-Ile

Vazen beach and hole, Belle-IleVazen beach and hole, Belle-Ile

Between Port-Donant and Port-Coton, a short walk to very nice points of views...
 Mugel Park , La Ciotat

 Mugel Park , La Ciotat Mugel Park , La Ciotat

Located just at the base of the impressive Bec de l'Aigle hill, the Mugel Park is a small botanical treasure.
Ray-Pic waterfall, Sainte Eulalie, Ardèche

Ray-Pic waterfall, Sainte E ...Ray-Pic waterfall, Sainte E ...

Short but pretty walk leading to a cool waterfall in an interesting geological environment.
Artist's drive, Artist's Palette, Death Valley

Artist's drive, Artist's Pa ...Artist's drive, Artist's Pa ...

Drive on a small one-way tarred road to discover small canyons coloured with different soil colours.
Prohodna cave

Prohodna caveProhodna cave

The cave is known for the two eye-like holes in its ceiling, known as the Eyes of God or Oknata. The interior of the Prohodna cave is also used for bungee jumping.
Roques de Garcia walking tour, Teide volcano, Tenerife

Roques de Garcia walking to ...Roques de Garcia walking to ...

The "Roques de Garcia" walking tour is an easy trail going along spectacular lava rocks and vestiges of eroded former volcanic chimneys with fantastic forms.
Cueva de los Peces caves, Bahia de Cochinos

Cueva de los Peces caves, B ...Cueva de los Peces caves, B ...

Interesting underwater caves...
El Torcal de Antequera walking tour

El Torcal de Antequera walk ...El Torcal de Antequera walk ...

Walking tour between impressive rock formations.
La Ciudad Encantada, the enchanted city, Cuenca

La Ciudad Encantada, the en ...La Ciudad Encantada, the en ...

A very pleasant walk in the middle of rocks strangely sculptured by erosion
Burabay National Nature Park : "Kazakh Switzerland"

Burabay National Nature Par ...Burabay National Nature Par ...

Unofficial name of the Borovoye (Burabay) region among local guides. Lots of lakes are scattered in between the mountains: Pike (Shuchye), Big and Small Chebache lakes, Kotyrkol.
Gorges of Pommerol, Drôme

Gorges of Pommerol, DrômeGorges of Pommerol, Drôme

Picturesque gorges decorated with strange shaped rocks, Pommerol is also the name of an old provencal village with an original history...
Valee Verzasca

Valee VerzascaValee Verzasca

impressive stone formations made by water in Lavertezzo
Naurzum State Nature Reserve

Naurzum State Nature ReserveNaurzum State Nature Reserve

Unique Naurzum forest takes major part of last tract. These are old pine forests, as they almost did not change since tertiary or quaternary periods.
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