Gothic arts & architecture

Saint Saturnin church, Moulis en Médoc

Saint Saturnin church, Moul ...Saint Saturnin church, Moul ...

A little and odd Romaninc-Gothic church, that could have been the capital of the Christians...
 Tchesmé church , Saint-Petersburg, Russia

 Tchesmé church , Saint-Pet ... Tchesmé church , Saint-Pet ...

Very surprising small pink and white church looking like a huge pastry (Strawberry chantilly ;-) ).
Águila y Dragones Neogothic building, La Habana

Águila y Dragones Neogothic ...Águila y Dragones Neogothic ...

Interesting Neo Gothic skyscraper.
Holy Trinity Church, Osieczna

Holy Trinity Church, OsiecznaHoly Trinity Church, Osieczna

Wonderfull Neo-Gothic church, place where local people meet at the prayers.
Botanical Garden and Abbey of Autrey, Vosges

Botanical Garden and Abbey  ...Botanical Garden and Abbey ...

In a quiet little village of the Vosges mountains, the Notre-Dame d'Autrey Abbey was built at the 12th century.
St-Stephanmünster, Breisach, Kayserstuhl

St-Stephanmünster, Breisach ...St-Stephanmünster, Breisach ...

Breisach, the capital of Kayserstuhl, is famous for the interior decoration of the St-Stephanmünster cathedral.
 Saint-Hilaire village and church, Chassiers, Ardèche

 Saint-Hilaire village and  ... Saint-Hilaire village and ...

In the very heart of the regional natural park of "Monts d'Ardèche", Chassiers is a small medieval village with a rich architectural heritage (16th-17th centuries).
Sagrado Corazón de Jesus neo Gothic church

Sagrado Corazón de Jesus ne ...Sagrado Corazón de Jesus ne ...

The most amazing Neo-Gothic church in La Havana.
Arnac church, Pompadour, Corréze.

Arnac church, Pompadour, Corréze.Arnac church, Pompadour, Corréze.

12th century church, mixing the Romanic and the Gothic styles.
Old St. Gertrude church, Riga

Old St. Gertrude church, RigaOld St. Gertrude church, Riga

Ste Gertrude is the guardian of Travelers! So Explorers are welcomes to visit this church!!
Collegiate Church Saint-Thiébaut, Thann

Collegiate Church Saint-Thi ...Collegiate Church Saint-Thi ...

In the Southern part of the Alsatian Vosges mountains, Thann is the starting point of 2 tourist itineraries: La route des Crêtes (the ridge road) that iterates through the Vosges summits and the ro
Frombork cathedrale,  Warmia

Frombork cathedrale,  WarmiaFrombork cathedrale, Warmia

Frombork is a little town (about 3000 inhabitants) located in the North of Poland in the Warmia Region. But it is also the town where Copernicus lived...
Cathedral Nuestra Señora de Gracia, Cuenca

Cathedral Nuestra Señora de ...Cathedral Nuestra Señora de ...

Cuenca is one of the most beautiful Spanish medieval cities, declared a world heritage site by UNESCO.
Malbork Castle, the "Magnificent Heap of Bricks"

Malbork Castle, the "Magnif ...Malbork Castle, the "Magnif ...

Malbork Castle, (North Poland)is sometimes called by us "the biggest heap of bricks inthe world" was built in the times of the Canterbury Tales, when the jousting tradition was in bloom.
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