Guided tours

Visit the Off the Path Paris in the foot steps of Napoleon

Visit the Off the Path Pari ...Visit the Off the Path Pari ...

This guided tour takes you to off the beaten track places linked to Napoleon’s reign.
El Playón / Rio Caura

El Playón / Rio CauraEl Playón / Rio Caura

Most beautiful place on earth?
Kulgrinda - secret road, Lükstas lake

Kulgrinda - secret road, Lü ...Kulgrinda - secret road, Lü ...

Kulgrinda is a hidden underwater stony road across swamps used for defense (be ready to dive in the mud if you dare).
Rotterdam harbor car tour on the N15

Rotterdam harbor car tour o ...Rotterdam harbor car tour o ...

A 40km long raod trip from Barendrecht to the sea and the harbor entrance. A nive overview of the most modern parts of the harbor.
Antwerp Harbor and Lilo Port Centre

Antwerp Harbor and Lilo Por ...Antwerp Harbor and Lilo Por ...

Discover the 2nd largest harbor of Europe (and also the 5th in the world !)
Sky City - The Acoma Pueblo

Sky City - The Acoma PuebloSky City - The Acoma Pueblo

It is the legendary Sky City - the ancestral home of the Acoma people. It was the Spanish who called the adobe communities of the native Americans pueblos (or little towns).
Les traboules walking tour, Croix-Rousse, Lyon

Les traboules walking tour, ...Les traboules walking tour, ...

Discover the “Traboules” (passageways) winding down the hill of the Croix-Rousse where 30.000 silk weavers used to live in the 19th century.
EUR - San Pietro e San Paolo church, Rome

EUR - San Pietro e San Paol ...EUR - San Pietro e San Paol ...

Visit a curious church, built on an artificial hill at EUR...
Teresa Carreño Theater, Caracas

Teresa Carreño Theater, CaracasTeresa Carreño Theater, Caracas

A gigantic auditorium hosting up to 3,000 people, located in a concrete, bunker looking like building... A huge centre dedicated to art performance.
Beylerbeyi Palace

Beylerbeyi PalaceBeylerbeyi Palace

A nice and not so known palace on the bank of the Bosphorus.
Les Gorges du Verdon / Verdon Grand Canyon

Les Gorges du Verdon / Verd ...Les Gorges du Verdon / Verd ...

The breathtaking Gorges du Verdon are probably the most spectacular in Europe, it's the second biggest grand canyon in the world, after the Colorado, only 18 times smaller !!

Beautiful, beautiful Valle de ViñalesBeautiful, beautiful Valle de Viñales

I most of all remember the amazing colours of the nature in the valley - and that time seemed to have been standing still.
Capitolio Nacional, La Habana

Capitolio Nacional, La HabanaCapitolio Nacional, La Habana

The same, but bigger than the Capitol in Washington DC…
Centro Gallego baroque buidling, La Habana

Centro Gallego baroque buid ...Centro Gallego baroque buid ...

A wonderful Theater close to the Capitole.
Sakkara & Memphis

Sakkara & MemphisSakkara & Memphis

Have an exciting day tour starting at the Step Pyramid of Sakkarra proceeding to Memphis; which was the capital of Old Egypt during the Old Kingdom
Padawan One Day Tour

Padawan One Day TourPadawan One Day Tour

Get the experience of long boat riding along Semedang river from Git Waterfront.
Kampung Benuk Villagestay

Kampung Benuk VillagestayKampung Benuk Villagestay

A window to Bidayuh tradition
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