Medieval Arts

Allinges Old and New feudal castles, Thonon

Allinges Old and New feudal ...Allinges Old and New feudal ...

2 old castles facing each others on the top of a hill overlooking the Leman Lake.
The Carthusian monastery of Bonnefoy, Ardèche

The Carthusian monastery of ...The Carthusian monastery of ...

In the beautiful Bonnefoy wooded valley lie the remains of a former Carthusian monastery...
Thouzon priory church, l'Isle sur la Sorgue

Thouzon priory church, l'Is ...Thouzon priory church, l'Is ...

Dominating the plain irrigated by the Sorgue river, some ruins stand on a rocky eminence. By far they look like a castle.
Le Castellas de Montpeyroux, Le Barry

Le Castellas de Montpeyroux ...Le Castellas de Montpeyroux ...

The impressive ruins of a castle, on the slopes of a woody hill.
Ruins of Rochebonne castle, Ardèche

Ruins of Rochebonne castle, ...Ruins of Rochebonne castle, ...

A romantic ruin in a unique sight. Easy to find.
Medieval Castle of Langoiran, Gironde

Medieval Castle of Langoira ...Medieval Castle of Langoira ...

Imposing medieval fortress of the 13th century, on the right bank of the Garonne, 28 km south east of Bordeaux.
César Tower , Allassac, Corrèze

César Tower , Allassac, CorrèzeCésar Tower , Allassac, Corrèze

Built in the 13th century and redesigned during Louis the 14th reign, the Tour César is an historical monument since 1949.
Avully castle, Brenthomme, Thonon

Avully castle, Brenthomme, ThononAvully castle, Brenthomme, Thonon

A very well conserved feudal castle to visit!
Ventadour castle, Ardèche

Ventadour castle, ArdècheVentadour castle, Ardèche

Located at the confluence of the Ardèche and the Fontaulière rivers, the fortress of Ventadour, standing atop a rocky ridge, is really impressive.
Salm castle, Pierre Percée, Vosges

Salm castle, Pierre Percée, ...Salm castle, Pierre Percée, ...

Perched on its pedestal red sandstone, the ruins of the castle dominate the Pierre Percée small village and the lake of the same name.
Ailhon village and church, Ardèche

Ailhon village and church,  ...Ailhon village and church, ...

Located near of Aubenas, Ailhon is a village which has retained the charm of its sandstone houses, protecting its lovely romanic church of the 13th century.
The "old bridge",Vigeois, Corrèze

The "old bridge",Vigeois, CorrèzeThe "old bridge",Vigeois, Corrèze

We do not know when this bridge was built, but according to its architectural technique, it is prior to the 14th century.
Zvartnots cathedral ruins

Zvartnots cathedral ruinsZvartnots cathedral ruins

Zvartnots Cathedral is a 7th-century aisled tetraconch type Armenian church now in ruins.
Saghmosavank monastery

Saghmosavank monasterySaghmosavank monastery

Saghmosavank (monastery of psalms) is a 13th century Armenian monastic complex situated atop the precipitous gorge carved by the Kasagh river.
Calatrava ruins, Ciudad Real

Calatrava ruins, Ciudad RealCalatrava ruins, Ciudad Real

The Archaeological Park of Alarcos and Calatrava presents a singular duality, illustrated by Christian and Muslim cultures and manifested by 2 separate sites: Alarcos, a symbol of the Christian pow
Lavaudieu village and abbey

Lavaudieu village and abbeyLavaudieu village and abbey

The village gets its name from the Benedictine abbey established here in the Middle Ages and which turned the Senouire valley into “la vallée de Dieu” (valley of God).
Abbey of Montmajour, Arles

Abbey of Montmajour, ArlesAbbey of Montmajour, Arles

Located in a magnificent environment, the beautiful restoration ruins of the Montmajour Abbey is a grandiose visit.
Fortified city of Rions, Gironde

Fortified city of Rions, GirondeFortified city of Rions, Gironde

On the Bordeaux-Langon road (CD10), between some of the best vineyards and the Garonne, a Medieval Village...
Haghartsin monastery

Haghartsin monasteryHaghartsin monastery

This monastic group of buildings, near the town of Dilijan includes three churches, two gavits, a refectory, a group of chapels and several khatchkars.
Matenadaran - Mesrop Mashtots Institute of Ancient Manuscripts

Matenadaran - Mesrop Mashto ...Matenadaran - Mesrop Mashto ...

The Matenadaran is an ancient manuscript repository.
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