Hua Phan Menhirs, Hintang, Houamuang, Xam Nua

Hua Phan Menhirs, Hintang,  ...Hua Phan Menhirs, Hintang, ...

Hua Phan is the main site of Hintang Archaeological Park. 150 menhirs stand on the top of a crest overlooking the jungle.
Lopaiciu mound, Tverai

Lopaiciu mound, TveraiLopaiciu mound, Tverai

Mound with good view to surrounding, mystical place with dolmen and Nine Streams spring (locals regularly come to collect water to home use). Follow paths with some climbing.
Ban Naxone megaliths, Houakoua village

Ban Naxone megaliths, Houak ...Ban Naxone megaliths, Houak ...

A lonely place with 6 steles which were discovered in 1995. Many other steles, not found yet, should be remaining in the neighbourhood.
Plain of Jars site 3, Phonsavan, Xieng Khouang

Plain of Jars site 3, Phons ...Plain of Jars site 3, Phons ...

The site 3 is much smaller than the site one, but it is located in a very nice place, surrounded by rice paddies. To get there, you will need to walk and cross a little bridge.
Menhirs Jean and Jeanne, Belle-ile, France

Menhirs Jean and Jeanne, Be ...Menhirs Jean and Jeanne, Be ...

2 menhirs, a love story and Pagan rituals...
Dolmen du Pouget, megalith

Dolmen du Pouget, megalithDolmen du Pouget, megalith

A very well conserved dolmen in a pleasant wood...
Gavrinis Cairn, Larmor-Baden, Morbihan

Gavrinis Cairn, Larmor-Bade ...Gavrinis Cairn, Larmor-Bade ...

Currently located on an island, Gavrinis cairn is unique by its conservation and especially the abundant engraved decoration on almost all granite slabs of the corridor and the dolmen.
Megalithic Site of Gunung Padang

Megalithic Site of Gunung PadangMegalithic Site of Gunung Padang

The site is expected to most major megalithic sites in Southeast Asia that serves as a place of worship for the people who settled there in about 2000 BC
Plain of Jars site 1, Phonsavan

Plain of Jars site 1, PhonsavanPlain of Jars site 1, Phonsavan

Site 1 is the biggest of the Plain of Jars sites. It contains over 250 jars of varying sizes, lying in the middle of trenches and bomb craters...
Karahunj - ancient astrological observatory

Karahunj - ancient astrolog ...Karahunj - ancient astrolog ...

Zorats Karer (Zorac‘ K‘arer, Zorac Qarer, Zorakarer, Zorakar Armenian: Զորաց Քարեր), also called Karahunj or Carahunge) is an archaeological site near the city of Sisian in the Syunik province of A
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