Military museums

Russian citadel, Afghanistan war museum, Termez

Russian citadel, Afghanista ...Russian citadel, Afghanista ...

Vestige of the Russian occupation in Termez...
Vandel Air base

Vandel Air baseVandel Air base

A ghost Air Base... And its museum...
Nine Army Battle historical park Kanchanaburi

Nine Army Battle historical ...Nine Army Battle historical ...

An odd memorial park celebrating a famous Thai victory against Burma.

Riga Aviation Museum, Riga AirportRiga Aviation Museum, Riga Airport

For all amateurs of aircrafts, an impressive collection of Sovietic planes, helicopters and fighters.
Phonsavan museum and tourist information

Phonsavan museum and touris ...Phonsavan museum and touris ...

Phonsavanh tourist information desk is also a little museum, dealing with the Plain of jars history and the second Indochina War in Xieng Khouang province.
Bulgaria army Museum, Sofia

Bulgaria army Museum, SofiaBulgaria army Museum, Sofia

An amazing collection of Bulgarian battle tanks and jets! From T34s, T72s, Scud throwers, to Mil Mi 24 helicopter, Soukhoïs and Migs...

Bulgaria National Maritime Museum, VarnaBulgaria National Maritime Museum, Varna

A strange collection of diverse military equipments. The museum is located close to the sea, in a nice shady park planted with trees.
Tunnel of Hope (War Tunnel) museum - Sarajevo

Tunnel of Hope (War Tunnel) ...Tunnel of Hope (War Tunnel) ...

Tunnel constructed under the airport runway during the Siege of Sarajevo, to link the besieged city and a Bosnian-held territory. Today, 20 meters of the tunnel is part of a museum.
Military sanctuary of Montello, Nervesa

Military sanctuary of Monte ...Military sanctuary of Monte ...

This imposing monument dominates the north-eastern part of Montello.
Bus de Vela fort, Cadine, Trento

Bus de Vela fort, Cadine, TrentoBus de Vela fort, Cadine, Trento

A little red limestone Austrian fort erected in the middle of a narrow valley controlling the road to Trento...
Museum of Coastal Defence, Hong Kong

Museum of Coastal Defence,  ...Museum of Coastal Defence, ...

For History amateurs, or people who just want to enjoy a nice walk in a park with a fantastic view over the Lei Yue Mun Channel.
Water Tower

Water TowerWater Tower

Former water tower of Vinnitsa fire department, now home to the Afghan War Museum (free admission). In front of the tower is the Slavic War Memorial Park.
U-Boot U-995 submarine, Kiel

U-Boot U-995 submarine, KielU-Boot U-995 submarine, Kiel

For those want want to experience how life was on board of a German WW2 U Boot...

The Copula war museum - La Coupole, Saint-OmerThe Copula war museum - La Coupole, Saint-Omer

Hidden in an old quarry, this huge cupola was dedicated to produce and launch V2 missiles during WW2...

Eperlecques V2 Blockhaus, Saint-OmerEperlecques V2 Blockhaus, Saint-Omer

This huge blockhaus, hidden in the middle of a wood, was built during WW2 by the Speer organization to host a V2 missiles factory and launch platform...
Aeroseum Göteborg

Aeroseum GöteborgAeroseum Göteborg

Visit a declassified Swedish Air Force bunker carved out of solid rock.
Navy  Museum , Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Navy  Museum , Saint-Peters ...Navy Museum , Saint-Peters ...

At the eastern end of Vasilievsky island, the Strelka is the place where the Neva river is divided into two. It receives is one of the most beautiful views of St. Petersburg.
"Le Linge" battle memorial, Orbey, Alsace

"Le Linge" battle memorial, ..."Le Linge" battle memorial, ...

When we walk on these beautiful Vosges mountain ridges between the valleys of Münster and Orbey, it is hard to imagine that 17,000 young soldiers have died for nothing between June and October 1915
Artillery and Engineering museum, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Artillery and Engineering m ...Artillery and Engineering m ...

Very rich and very interesting military museum, even for those who are not fanatical of small soldiers.
Monument of Victory, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Monument of Victory, Saint- ...Monument of Victory, Saint- ...

Also known as "monument to the Defenders of Leningrad", it commemorates the siege of Leningrad and the heroism of the population.
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