Napoleonian wars

Visit the Off the Path Paris in the foot steps of Napoleon

Visit the Off the Path Pari ...Visit the Off the Path Pari ...

This guided tour takes you to off the beaten track places linked to Napoleon’s reign.
Pomeguet Tower, Marseille Frioul islands

Pomeguet Tower, Marseille F ...Pomeguet Tower, Marseille F ...

A white tower perched on the top of a rocky hill in the middle of the sea: this is the Pomeguet fort...
Artillery and Engineering museum, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Artillery and Engineering m ...Artillery and Engineering m ...

Very rich and very interesting military museum, even for those who are not fanatical of small soldiers.
Simplon Hospice and Pass

Simplon Hospice and PassSimplon Hospice and Pass

Located 2,000m above the sea level, the Simplon Hospiz is held by the Congregation of the "Canons of St. Bernard", who give a bed for the night to spirituality lovers and simple walkers.
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