Nature Reserves

Playa Perla Blanca, Cayo Santa Maria

Playa Perla Blanca, Cayo Sa ...Playa Perla Blanca, Cayo Sa ...

This beach is maybe the best and most lonely beach of the Cayo Santa Maria islands. Sea, sand and nature. Nothing more.
Falia village, Sine Saloum delta

Falia village, Sine Saloum deltaFalia village, Sine Saloum delta

A lovely little village lost in the middle of the mangrove. A little market, a few baobab trees... And then, an adventurous dugout day trip in the Sine Saloum meanders...
Santa Cruz island, Channel islands

Santa Cruz island, Channel islandsSanta Cruz island, Channel islands

An island so far from the world, so close to Los Angeles...
Cangai Broadwater - natural bushland camping wonderland

Cangai Broadwater - natural ...Cangai Broadwater - natural ...

Enjoy getting away from everything and find your own camping space away from everyone on the banks of the beautiful Mann River at Cangai
Kabli bird station, Krundiküla

Kabli bird station, KrundikülaKabli bird station, Krundiküla

A strange trap dedicated to study birds migrations.
Pulgoja at Luitemaa Nature reserve, Häädemeeste vald, Pärnu

Pulgoja at Luitemaa Nature  ...Pulgoja at Luitemaa Nature ...

A nice walk in a coastal nature reserve!
Titus canyon drive, Death Valley

Titus canyon drive, Death ValleyTitus canyon drive, Death Valley

A 42km long track in the middle of magnificent landscapes, with a ghost village on the way, and a great drive in a canyon at the end of the trip.
Dionwar village, Sine Saloum delta

Dionwar village, Sine Saloum deltaDionwar village, Sine Saloum delta

A floating town at the end of the world. Only accessible by boat, lost between the ocean and the mangrove, Dionwar is worth seeing!
Nimis Arx, Ladonia

Nimis Arx, LadoniaNimis Arx, Ladonia

An independent country in the middle of Sweden, a nice pebble beach populated with strange wooden statues...
Malpaïs of Güimar walking tour, Tenerife

Malpaïs of Güimar walking t ...Malpaïs of Güimar walking t ...

A small and easy circuit on the seafront, on volcanic terrain. Due to the area climate, sunny weather is garanteed.
Tanjung Puting National Park, Central Kalimantan

Tanjung Puting National Par ...Tanjung Puting National Par ...

Relaxing Adventuring Cruise Trip
El Teide, Carretera Dorsale, Tenerife

El Teide, Carretera Dorsale ...El Teide, Carretera Dorsale ...

Considering the huge dimensions of the Teide volcano and its caldera, the best way to visit it is to take your car, as far as an excellent road connects Esperanza (in the North) to Vilaflor (in the
Don Tana  (Kaeng Tana) cataract, Khong Chiam

Don Tana  (Kaeng Tana) cata ...Don Tana (Kaeng Tana) cata ...

Don Tana is a sand bar of 450 metres in width and 700 metres in length that emerges and splits the Mun River into two branches. During the rainy season, the cataract is impressing!

Pointe au Sel blowing holes, Saint LeuPointe au Sel blowing holes, Saint Leu

A walk on the top of black lava cliffs to observe strange "trous souffleurs" (blowing holes).
The Singing Barhan - Singing sand dune

The Singing Barhan - Singin ...The Singing Barhan - Singin ...

Across the Ili river in the north-east from Almaty there is a strange mountain.
"Panama's Maledives" - no luxury though, just an explorer's heaven!

"Panama's Maledives" - no l ..."Panama's Maledives" - no l ...

Have you always been dreaming of crystal clear waters and small round white-sanded islands with a few palm-trees on them? Then you've come to the right place - if you dare!
Veczemes Red cliffs, Mantini, Salacgrïva

Veczemes Red cliffs, Mantin ...Veczemes Red cliffs, Mantin ...

A nice nature reserve aloong a nice peeble beach.
Certes domain, Bassin of Arcachon, Audenge

Certes domain, Bassin of Ar ...Certes domain, Bassin of Ar ...

400 hectares of dams, reservoirs, fish and swamps, where many migratory birds breed. There, you can make a walking tour through protected sea areas, deep in the Bassin d'Arcachon...
Forest wetlands and nature, Taurage

Forest wetlands and nature, ...Forest wetlands and nature, ...

Nice walk in the nature reserve, relaxed walk by wooden path about 1km long.
Teich bird reserve, Arcachon

Teich bird reserve, ArcachonTeich bird reserve, Arcachon

Teich bird reserve is a protected nature reserve, managed to attract wild birds so they can be seen from close by the public .
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