Notable Trees

Immigration office palace and square, Cienfuegos

Immigration office palace a ...Immigration office palace a ...

A very pretty little and flowered square at the edge of the bay, shaded by a magnificent Ceiba tree.
Croix des gardes, Cannes

Croix des gardes, CannesCroix des gardes, Cannes

February: winter time. Why not walking in a forest with yellow flowers trees? The Croix des Gardes park overlooks Cannes with its beautiful landscape and the flowers smell so good!
Naurzum State Nature Reserve

Naurzum State Nature ReserveNaurzum State Nature Reserve

Unique Naurzum forest takes major part of last tract. These are old pine forests, as they almost did not change since tertiary or quaternary periods.
Sai Ngam giant Banyan tree, Phimai

Sai Ngam giant Banyan tree, PhimaiSai Ngam giant Banyan tree, Phimai

Thailand's biggest tree...
Kadyny (Cadinen) historic village, Vistula Lagoon

Kadyny (Cadinen) historic v ...Kadyny (Cadinen) historic v ...

Kadyny is a little village on the Vistula Lagoon inhabited by c.a. 600 people.

The simply amazing "Angkor Wat"The simply amazing "Angkor Wat"

The biggest religious construction even before European Renaissance and the America's discover
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