Ottoman empire

Let's discover and protect the Ottoman graves, Gërdec

Let's discover and protect  ...Let's discover and protect ...

A crazy abandoned archaeological treasure on the side of a muddy way.
Koprivshtitsa historic town

Koprivshtitsa historic townKoprivshtitsa historic town

Koprivshtitsa (Копривщица) was one of the centres of the April Uprising against the Ottoman occupation in 1876 and is known for its authentic architecture, folk music festivals, museums.

Turkey Naval Museum, Besiktas, IstanbulTurkey Naval Museum, Besiktas, Istanbul

Out of the time museum to discover the History of the Turkish Navy.
Beylerbeyi Palace

Beylerbeyi PalaceBeylerbeyi Palace

A nice and not so known palace on the bank of the Bosphorus.
Gazi Husrev-beg Mosque

Gazi Husrev-beg MosqueGazi Husrev-beg Mosque

The Gazi Husrev-beg Mosque, in Sarajevo, is considered the most important islamic structure in Bosnia and one of the world's finest examples of Ottoman architecture.
The Blue Mosque "Gök Jami" - Yerevan

The Blue Mosque "Gök Jami"  ...The Blue Mosque "Gök Jami" ...

The Yerevan region had been under the control of various Muslim rulers since the incursions of Timur in the 14th century.
Višegrad Bridge over the Drina

Višegrad Bridge over the DrinaVišegrad Bridge over the Drina

The Mehmed Paša Sokolović Bridge is a historic bridge in Višegrad, over the Drina River.
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