Radio & TV towers

Croix de Guizay

Croix de GuizayCroix de Guizay

Impregnable belveder on Saint-Etienne. A sight of the entire town, main street and buildings
Grimeton radio station

Grimeton radio stationGrimeton radio station

Ok. Let's be honest. The place is not beautiful, but it is a unique place in Europe, technically fascinating to visit.
Zakusalas Tornis, Riga Radio and TV Tower

Zakusalas Tornis, Riga Radi ...Zakusalas Tornis, Riga Radi ...

It was built between 1979 and 1986 by USSR.
Tashkent TV tower

Tashkent TV towerTashkent TV tower

If you want to enjoy an amazing overview of Tashkent, this is the place to go!
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