Rivers & Springs

Lopaiciu mound, Tverai

Lopaiciu mound, TveraiLopaiciu mound, Tverai

Mound with good view to surrounding, mystical place with dolmen and Nine Streams spring (locals regularly come to collect water to home use). Follow paths with some climbing.
Birishiri : the last stoppage on a bus route

Birishiri : the last stoppa ...Birishiri : the last stoppa ...

A remote locality at the end of a bus route that starts from the capital city Dhaka and ends in a district named Netrokona, bordering India.
Wat Khong Chiam temple, Khong Chiam, Isan

Wat Khong Chiam temple, Kho ...Wat Khong Chiam temple, Kho ...

A temple located on the confluence of the Rivers Mekong and Mun: behind the temple is an amazing view point of the "two colored rivers"...
Nipah valley, Tioman island

Nipah valley, Tioman islandNipah valley, Tioman island

This is paradise! A creek, a beach, a river. The ideal place to get away from hordes of tourists and enjoy simple nature life.
El Playón / Rio Caura

El Playón / Rio CauraEl Playón / Rio Caura

Most beautiful place on earth?
Walking tour on the bank of the Rhone river, Arles

Walking tour on the bank of ...Walking tour on the bank of ...

What would be Arles without the Rhone river? Here's your chance to discover the city, walking along the river ...

Going back up the Mekong river by slow boat...Going back up the Mekong river by slow boat...

A breathtaking boat-trip up the Mekong river...
Curug Malela (Malela Waterfall)

Curug Malela (Malela Waterfall)Curug Malela (Malela Waterfall)

The tough journey is really worth the view.
Don Tana  (Kaeng Tana) cataract, Khong Chiam

Don Tana  (Kaeng Tana) cata ...Don Tana (Kaeng Tana) cata ...

Don Tana is a sand bar of 450 metres in width and 700 metres in length that emerges and splits the Mun River into two branches. During the rainy season, the cataract is impressing!
Pont Julien Roman bridge, Apt, Vaucluse

Pont Julien Roman bridge, A ...Pont Julien Roman bridge, A ...

Between Apt and Cavaillon, an old Roman bridge over a small river in Provence...
Caramy river canyon, Tourves

Caramy river canyon, TourvesCaramy river canyon, Tourves

Strolling along a river in Provence is a rare privilege. All the most if it is in a lovely small valley...
Cascade du Tombereau, waterfall, Bras

Cascade du Tombereau, water ...Cascade du Tombereau, water ...

Little and shady waterfall.
Les Gours Bénis spring, Bras

Les Gours Bénis spring, BrasLes Gours Bénis spring, Bras

A spring with a little lake
Argens river Kayak tour

Argens river Kayak tourArgens river Kayak tour

The Argens is a peaceful river in south of France, in the Var départment. This wild and calm river is worth kayaking.

Siwa: an Oasis in the middle of the Sahara desertSiwa: an Oasis in the middle of the Sahara desert

After hours of driving in the desert here you are in this "island " of life...
Rafting, camping, river tubing, fishing in Rioclaro nature reserve

Rafting, camping, river tub ...Rafting, camping, river tub ...

Enjoy adventure sports and tropical forest at Rioclaro Nature Reserve.
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