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French Memorial of Pederobba

French Memorial of PederobbaFrench Memorial of Pederobba

This solid mausoleum contains the bodies of a little more than 1,000 French soldiers fallen during the fightings in Italy.
Monument to the soldier of Italy, Pederoba

Monument to the soldier of  ...Monument to the soldier of ...

The monument has been erected in 1988 for the 70th anniversary of the end of the Great War.
Gypsotheca Canoviano, Possagno

Gypsotheca Canoviano, PossagnoGypsotheca Canoviano, Possagno

Possagno is the home town of one of the greatest sculptors of all time : Antonio Canova (1757-1822).
Mission Marchand Monument, Porte Dorée, Vincennes

Mission Marchand Monument,  ...Mission Marchand Monument, ...

This monument was erected in 1934, at the death of Commander Marchand, in memory of the expedition he lead to Fashoda (Nile, Sudan) in 1898.
TV sculpture, Riga

TV sculpture, RigaTV sculpture, Riga

A strange sculpture...
Nimis Arx, Ladonia

Nimis Arx, LadoniaNimis Arx, Ladonia

An independent country in the middle of Sweden, a nice pebble beach populated with strange wooden statues...
Fontaine d’Amédée Pichot, fountain, Arles

Fontaine d’Amédée Pichot, f ...Fontaine d’Amédée Pichot, f ...

An elegant and original fountain...
Menhirs Jean and Jeanne, Belle-ile, France

Menhirs Jean and Jeanne, Be ...Menhirs Jean and Jeanne, Be ...

2 menhirs, a love story and Pagan rituals...
The mountains in the eastern parts of Cuba

The mountains in the easter ...The mountains in the easter ...

Eastern parts of Cuba is really off paths. Wonderful nature, tourists are a rare sight and just so untouched.....
Zvartnots cathedral ruins

Zvartnots cathedral ruinsZvartnots cathedral ruins

Zvartnots Cathedral is a 7th-century aisled tetraconch type Armenian church now in ruins.
Fontaine Stravinsky, Niki de St Phalle, Beaubourg, Paris

Fontaine Stravinsky, Niki d ...Fontaine Stravinsky, Niki d ...

A singular and crazy water statue.
Haw Par Villa park, Singapore

Haw Par Villa park, SingaporeHaw Par Villa park, Singapore

A terrific park haunted by 1,000 statues, dragoons, monsters and bizarre stuff… More seriously, it is a really interesting place if you want to discover the Chinese folklore, legends and aspects of
Haghartsin monastery

Haghartsin monasteryHaghartsin monastery

This monastic group of buildings, near the town of Dilijan includes three churches, two gavits, a refectory, a group of chapels and several khatchkars.
Matenadaran - Mesrop Mashtots Institute of Ancient Manuscripts

Matenadaran - Mesrop Mashto ...Matenadaran - Mesrop Mashto ...

The Matenadaran is an ancient manuscript repository.
Noravank monastery

Noravank monasteryNoravank monastery

Noravank (meaning "New Monastery") is a 13th century Armenian monastery, located in a narrow gorge made by the Amaghu river.
Capitolio Nacional, La Habana

Capitolio Nacional, La HabanaCapitolio Nacional, La Habana

The same, but bigger than the Capitol in Washington DC…
Latvian National Museum of Art,  LNMM, Riga

Latvian National Museum of  ...Latvian National Museum of ...

The huge marble stairs and the red carped are a VIP introduction to this 2 storey exhibition area of Latvian Art.
EUR - Palazzo della Civilta Italianna, Rome

EUR - Palazzo della Civilta ...EUR - Palazzo della Civilta ...

The icon building of the Italian “Fascist” style…
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