Séré de Rivières

Caveau battery, Frioul islands

Caveau battery, Frioul islandsCaveau battery, Frioul islands

Perched in the top of a rocky hill dominating the sea, you can reach this fort following a long trail going along the island.
Authion Fortifications, Turini pass

Authion Fortifications, Tur ...Authion Fortifications, Tur ...

Magnificent mountain landscapes, military vestiges, the complicated history of a region shared between France and Italy.....
Semaphore battery, Frioul islands

Semaphore battery, Frioul islandsSemaphore battery, Frioul islands

The battery enjoys a magnificent sight over Marseille Creeks. Not much visited by tourists, the fort peacefully looks at the ferries passing by, leaving for Corsica or for Africa.

Niolon Battery (high), L'EstaqueNiolon Battery (high), L'Estaque

The battery is impressive: situated on the top of a hill overlooking the village of Niolon, it dominates all the natural harbour of Marseille. Sight is worth to be seen!

Figuerolles battery, L'EstaqueFiguerolles battery, L'Estaque

Situated 100m above of the sea, at the bottom of a valley, the small battery of Figuerolles is less exposed than its neighbour (the battery of Niolon).
Ratonneau fortress, Frioul islands

Ratonneau fortress, Frioul islandsRatonneau fortress, Frioul islands

The fort of Ratonneau is the biggest of the island and is situated on one of the island highest spots. The sight over Marseille is there exactly “impregnable“.
Corbière battery, L'Estaque

Corbière battery, L'EstaqueCorbière battery, L'Estaque

Lovely little fort close to the sea.
Batterie des Caurres, Tournoux Fortress, Ubaye valley

Batterie des Caurres, Tourn ...Batterie des Caurres, Tourn ...

This fortress was built from 1843 to 1890 and modified from 1935 to 1939.
Fort de La Pointe, Gros Cerveau, Ollioules, Toulon

Fort de La Pointe, Gros Cer ...Fort de La Pointe, Gros Cer ...

A 19th century battery, with a very nice sight, and a nice walking tour.
Uxegney Fort, Épinal, Vosges

Uxegney Fort, Épinal, VosgesUxegney Fort, Épinal, Vosges

Uxegney is a rare example of the Séré de Rivières forts. It is very well preserved and even equipped with weapons in good shape (Cannon, machine guns,...).
Fort du Gros Cerveau, Ollioules, Toulon

Fort du Gros Cerveau, Ollio ...Fort du Gros Cerveau, Ollio ...

A 19th century fortress overlooking Toulon and the sea.
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