Gilbert Hill, Andheri, Mumbai

Gilbert Hill, Andheri, MumbaiGilbert Hill, Andheri, Mumbai

Huge rock in the middle of Mumbai offers great views
Wat Dane Soung temple, Houakoua, Vientiane

Wat Dane Soung temple, Houa ...Wat Dane Soung temple, Houa ...

The Dane Soung Plateau is believed to have been an important spiritual centre of ancient Vientiane-Viengkham...
Anti-Aircraft gun, Mount Phu Si, Luang Prabang

Anti-Aircraft gun, Mount Ph ...Anti-Aircraft gun, Mount Ph ...

Just a few meter down the Mount Phu Si hill summit, you can discover the vestige of an anti-aircraft gun. Easy to see, and maybe one of the oddest things to see in Luang Prabang!
Phra Puttha Chay temple, Saraburi

Phra Puttha Chay temple, SaraburiPhra Puttha Chay temple, Saraburi

A little temple located on the top of a rocky hill. Nice view and monkeys guaranteed!
Wat Khong Chiam temple, Khong Chiam, Isan

Wat Khong Chiam temple, Kho ...Wat Khong Chiam temple, Kho ...

A temple located on the confluence of the Rivers Mekong and Mun: behind the temple is an amazing view point of the "two colored rivers"...

Telegraph Creek car tour and sight, Stikine River, British ColombiaTelegraph Creek car tour and sight, Stikine River, British Colombia

A breathtaking car tour: looking over the edge literally took my breath away!
La Colle battery, Gros Cerveau, Toulon, France

La Colle battery, Gros Cerv ...La Colle battery, Gros Cerv ...

A small battery with a shelter and 2 cannons slots.
Beausoleil viewpoint, A8 motorway

Beausoleil viewpoint, A8 motorwayBeausoleil viewpoint, A8 motorway

When you drive on the A8 motorway to Italy, you can make a stop at the Beausoleil petrol station and enjoy one of the most beautiful panoramas on Cote d'Azur, overlooking Monaco and Monte Carlo.
Grotte du Garou, cave, Gros Cerveau, Ollioules, Toulon

Grotte du Garou, cave, Gros ...Grotte du Garou, cave, Gros ...

A little cave, easy to access...
The Pic du Midi, astronomical observatory

The Pic du Midi, astronomic ...The Pic du Midi, astronomic ...

A wonderful sight over the French Pyrenees mountains, with easy access. If you like astronomy, nature and sights, this is definitely a "must go" destination if you are around!
Croix de Guizay

Croix de GuizayCroix de Guizay

Impregnable belveder on Saint-Etienne. A sight of the entire town, main street and buildings
Titus canyon drive, Death Valley

Titus canyon drive, Death ValleyTitus canyon drive, Death Valley

A 42km long track in the middle of magnificent landscapes, with a ghost village on the way, and a great drive in a canyon at the end of the trip.
From Cap Noir to Roche Ecrite trek, La Réunion

From Cap Noir to Roche Ecri ...From Cap Noir to Roche Ecri ...

From Cap Noir to Roche Ecrite, a nice but intense trek overlooking the Mafate circus... You will enjoy 2 of the most spectacular belvedere of Réunion island, as well as a dense vegetation...
Maïdo (2203m), Mafate circus belvedere

Maïdo (2203m), Mafate circu ...Maïdo (2203m), Mafate circu ...

One of the must see of Réunion island: an exceptional point of view, almost totally accessible by car, with amazing landscapes all the way long.
Tanjung Puting National Park, Central Kalimantan

Tanjung Puting National Par ...Tanjung Puting National Par ...

Relaxing Adventuring Cruise Trip
El Teide, Carretera Dorsale, Tenerife

El Teide, Carretera Dorsale ...El Teide, Carretera Dorsale ...

Considering the huge dimensions of the Teide volcano and its caldera, the best way to visit it is to take your car, as far as an excellent road connects Esperanza (in the North) to Vilaflor (in the
Changi Kelong Jetty

Changi Kelong JettyChangi Kelong Jetty

Come and watch a Singapore sunset that rivals the Mediterranean.
Belle Ile lighthouse and fog siren, Bangor, Brittany

Belle Ile lighthouse and fo ...Belle Ile lighthouse and fo ...

A big lighthouse...
Fort de La Pointe, Gros Cerveau, Ollioules, Toulon

Fort de La Pointe, Gros Cer ...Fort de La Pointe, Gros Cer ...

A 19th century battery, with a very nice sight, and a nice walking tour.
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