Soviet Arts & Architecture

Moscow square (- Moskovskaïa ploshchad-) and statue of Lenin, Saint-Petersburg

Moscow square (- Moskovskaï ...Moscow square (- Moskovskaï ...

Since 1989, the 2 head eagles tend to replace the sovietic emblems in Russia. Nevertheless there are still many remnants of that time.
Linnahall, concert/sports hall, Tallinn

Linnahall, concert/sports h ...Linnahall, concert/sports h ...

A huge bunker looking like concert hall, almost abandonned, overlooking the Tallinn Harbour.
Monument of Victory, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Monument of Victory, Saint- ...Monument of Victory, Saint- ...

Also known as "monument to the Defenders of Leningrad", it commemorates the siege of Leningrad and the heroism of the population.

Savitsky museum, NukusSavitsky museum, Nukus

A unique collection of sovietic era paintings: almost 100,000! This museum is worth the trip to Nukus!
Academy of Science soviet skyscraper, Zinātņu Akadēmija, Riga

Academy of Science soviet s ...Academy of Science soviet s ...

A huge soviet building. Soviet? Are you sure? Hum... Just look at the hammers and sickles up to the top!
Torniga maja sovietic building, Tallinn

Torniga maja sovietic build ...Torniga maja sovietic build ...

A Stalinist building, with, for sure, a red star on the top roof.
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