Spanish Caliphates and Reconquista

Calatrava ruins, Ciudad Real

Calatrava ruins, Ciudad RealCalatrava ruins, Ciudad Real

The Archaeological Park of Alarcos and Calatrava presents a singular duality, illustrated by Christian and Muslim cultures and manifested by 2 separate sites: Alarcos, a symbol of the Christian pow
Uclès monastery,  Castilla - La Mancha

Uclès monastery,  Castilla  ...Uclès monastery, Castilla ...

Between Madrid and Cuenca stand the " Escorial de la Mancha" mountains. There, you can visit an interesting monastery...
Belmonte castel, La Mancha

Belmonte castel, La ManchaBelmonte castel, La Mancha

Belmonte is a fortified village standing down a splendid 15th century castle, in La Mancha region, where Don Quixote committed his famous exploits ;-)
Albarracin, Aragon

Albarracin, AragonAlbarracin, Aragon

Albarracin is a very well preserved town of Arabic origin. It is situated at a 1200m of height. Albarracin surprises by the red dominant colour of its houses, ramparts, and surrounding rocks.
Museum of abstract  Spanish Art , Cuenca

Museum of abstract  Spanish ...Museum of abstract Spanish ...

Cuenca is one of the most beautiful Spanish medieval cities, declared a world heritage site by UNESCO.
Teruel Mudèjar architecture, Bajo Aragon

Teruel Mudèjar architecture ...Teruel Mudèjar architecture ...

Capital of Bajo Aragon, Teruel is a 30,000 inhabitants town which possesses numerous Mudèjar style buildings. That's why the town is classified in the UNESCO "world heritage".
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