Caveau battery, Frioul islands

Caveau battery, Frioul islandsCaveau battery, Frioul islands

Perched in the top of a rocky hill dominating the sea, you can reach this fort following a long trail going along the island.
Loyne bunkers, Pélissanne

Loyne bunkers, PélissanneLoyne bunkers, Pélissanne

Lost bunkers in the middle of the "garrigue" bushes and olive trees...
Croix Ferri bunkers, Lançon de Provence

Croix Ferri bunkers, Lançon ...Croix Ferri bunkers, Lançon ...

Lost in the middle of the "garrigue" bushes, this battery overlooks the Salon de Provence military air field. A good way to look at the planes while visiting the place!
Semaphore battery, Frioul islands

Semaphore battery, Frioul islandsSemaphore battery, Frioul islands

The battery enjoys a magnificent sight over Marseille Creeks. Not much visited by tourists, the fort peacefully looks at the ferries passing by, leaving for Corsica or for Africa.
Fort de Peccais, Aigues-Mortes

Fort de Peccais, Aigues-MortesFort de Peccais, Aigues-Mortes

An incredible site: the ruins of a 16th century fort, lost in the marshland... Atmosphere guaranteed.
Cavallas bunkers, Carro

Cavallas bunkers, CarroCavallas bunkers, Carro

The position is constituted by a series of encuvements (open-air places for artillery) situated at the top of a hill dominating the sea. Beautiful sun shines in prospect!
Ratonneau fortress, Frioul islands

Ratonneau fortress, Frioul islandsRatonneau fortress, Frioul islands

The fort of Ratonneau is the biggest of the island and is situated on one of the island highest spots. The sight over Marseille is there exactly “impregnable“.
Mangue battery, Frioul islands

Mangue battery, Frioul islandsMangue battery, Frioul islands

The site is impressive, not due to its architecture or its location, but because it carries the testimony of the violence of allied bombings in August 1944, during the reconquest of Marseille.
Rove battery, L'Estaque

Rove battery, L'EstaqueRove battery, L'Estaque

The site, very accessible, can be the aim of a very easy trip close to the sea.
Fort du Gros Cerveau, Ollioules, Toulon

Fort du Gros Cerveau, Ollio ...Fort du Gros Cerveau, Ollio ...

A 19th century fortress overlooking Toulon and the sea.
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