Tanks, Guns, Ground equipments

Parque del Ejercito battle tanks, Merida

Parque del Ejercito battle  ...Parque del Ejercito battle ...

A little park dedicated to the Army of Venezuela.
Anti-Aircraft gun, Mount Phu Si, Luang Prabang

Anti-Aircraft gun, Mount Ph ...Anti-Aircraft gun, Mount Ph ...

Just a few meter down the Mount Phu Si hill summit, you can discover the vestige of an anti-aircraft gun. Easy to see, and maybe one of the oddest things to see in Luang Prabang!
Russian tank vestiges, Phonsavan

Russian tank vestiges, PhonsavanRussian tank vestiges, Phonsavan

On the way to the Plain of Jars site 3, you can see the vestiges of a bombed Russian tank, lying a few meters down the road.
Bulgaria army Museum, Sofia

Bulgaria army Museum, SofiaBulgaria army Museum, Sofia

An amazing collection of Bulgarian battle tanks and jets! From T34s, T72s, Scud throwers, to Mil Mi 24 helicopter, Soukhoïs and Migs...
Armourgeddon Tank Paintball Battles, Leicestershire

Armourgeddon Tank Paintball ...Armourgeddon Tank Paintball ...

The only place in the world where you can drive a battle tank and fire on experience real tank paintball battles!
Artillery and Engineering museum, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Artillery and Engineering m ...Artillery and Engineering m ...

Very rich and very interesting military museum, even for those who are not fanatical of small soldiers.
Museo de Playa Giron, Bay of Pigs war museum

Museo de Playa Giron, Bay o ...Museo de Playa Giron, Bay o ...

The museum of this famous Cold War episode...
Jeanne d’Arc WW2 battle tank, Marseille

Jeanne d’Arc WW2 battle tan ...Jeanne d’Arc WW2 battle tan ...

A Sherman tank of the Free French Forces (Force Françaises Libres), lonely witness of the fightings in Marseille in 1944...
Belgium army Museum, Brussels

Belgium army Museum, BrusselsBelgium army Museum, Brussels

An interesting visit to learn about the History of Belgium.
Austria army museum, Vienna

Austria army museum, ViennaAustria army museum, Vienna

A large collection tracing the rich history of the country, from the Habsburg Monarchy at the 16th century until 1945.
Museo de la Revolucion, La Habana

Museo de la Revolucion, La HabanaMuseo de la Revolucion, La Habana

An official vision of Cuba and the Revolution. Propaganda ? Interesting, however.
Albion nuclear missile silo, Vaucluse

Albion nuclear missile silo ...Albion nuclear missile silo ...

The vestige of an old nuclear missile silo...
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