Technic & Science museums

Aiguade Vauban, Bellefontaine, Belle-ile, France

Aiguade Vauban, Bellefontai ...Aiguade Vauban, Bellefontai ...

"Aiguade Vauban" is one of the oldest and most curious buildings on the island!
Steam locomotives museum, Parque de la Fraternidad, La Habana

Steam locomotives museum, P ...Steam locomotives museum, P ...

Close to the Capitole, an open air museum where you can see old steam locomotives!
Rayak Railway Museum

Rayak Railway MuseumRayak Railway Museum

A city, a station, a factory… A trip into the vestiges and the history of trains...
Paper Mill of Richard de Bas - Museum of paper history

Paper Mill of Richard de Ba ...Paper Mill of Richard de Ba ...

Discover paper made by hand using 15th Century methods, meet the men and women who continue to work this way, in a typical "Auvergnat" home.
Fournaise volcano museum, Bourg-Murat

Fournaise volcano museum, B ...Fournaise volcano museum, B ...

The Fournaise Volcano is one of the most active in the world. It is also one of the main attraction of Réunion island. Bourg-Murat is the entrance of the road accessing to the volcano.
Navy and trade museum, Marseille

Navy and trade museum, MarseilleNavy and trade museum, Marseille

An interesting museum where you can enjoy magnificent ship models...
Teide Observatory, Tenerife, Canary islands

Teide Observatory, Tenerife ...Teide Observatory, Tenerife ...

Visit an extraordinary telescope lost in a lunar landscape...
Haven Museum, Rotterdam port museum

Haven Museum, Rotterdam por ...Haven Museum, Rotterdam por ...

A small and free access museum, to discover the history of the harbor.

Betschdorf pottery museum, AlsaceBetschdorf pottery museum, Alsace

This is a magnificent House from the early 18th century.
Haapsalu train station and museum

Haapsalu train station and museumHaapsalu train station and museum

A nice little museum where you can admire old steam and soviet trains, as well an interesting old train station, now out of use.
Wallpapers museum, Rixheim , Mulhouse

Wallpapers museum, Rixheim  ...Wallpapers museum, Rixheim ...

A huge collection of wallpaper,exposed where they were produced.
Pompadour, Horse centre, Corréze

Pompadour, Horse centre, CorrézePompadour, Horse centre, Corréze

Famous thanks its beautiful Marquise, the Pompadour castle is also a world renowned place for horse lovers.
Macagua I, II, III dam, Ciudad Guyana

Macagua I, II, III dam, Ciu ...Macagua I, II, III dam, Ciu ...

An impressive dam in the middle of Ciudad Guyana...
EDF Electropolis Museum , Mulhouse, Alsace

EDF Electropolis Museum , M ...EDF Electropolis Museum , M ...

A unique museum in Europe. At the Electropolis Museum, you can have fun whilst learning and discovering surprising and wonderful things.
City of the image, Epinal, Vosges

City of the image, Epinal, VosgesCity of the image, Epinal, Vosges

The City of the image was born from the work of the association of l'Imagerie d'Epinal private company and from the Musée de l'Image museum, which is public building.
Baccarat Crystal museum

Baccarat Crystal museumBaccarat Crystal museum

The Baccarat crystal has an international reputation and owns its exceptional quality to 2 centuries of know-how. The Museum presents all facets of this particular art of Crystal.
La Fournaise volcano, Réunion island

La Fournaise volcano, Réuni ...La Fournaise volcano, Réuni ...

An unforgettable trek to one of the most active volcano in the world, among lava and lunar landscapes...
Caracas Sciences Museum

Caracas Sciences MuseumCaracas Sciences Museum

The Museum of Sciences is located on the museum square, in front of the fine arts museum. It is Venezuela's oldest museum.
French Railway museum, Mulhouse

French Railway museum, MulhouseFrench Railway museum, Mulhouse

Situated in Mulhouse in Alsace, the Cité du Train [French Railway Museum] is the biggest railway museum in Europe.
Peter-and-Paul fortress , St. Petersburg, Russia

Peter-and-Paul fortress , S ...Peter-and-Paul fortress , S ...

Birthplace of the city, the Peter-and-Paul is the prerequisite for every tourist arriving in St. Petersburg.
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