Sri Khota Phum Khmer temple, Surin, Isan

Sri Khota Phum Khmer temple ...Sri Khota Phum Khmer temple ...

A little Khmer temple in a village.
Chateau Bas Roman temple ruins, Vernegues

Chateau Bas Roman temple ru ...Chateau Bas Roman temple ru ...

A genuine classical temple ruin, lost in a hidden garden behind a wine domain...
Niha Roman temples

Niha Roman templesNiha Roman temples

In Niha (Lebanon), there are 2 antique sites.
Koykrylgan Kala, Ancient Khorezm

Koykrylgan Kala, Ancient KhorezmKoykrylgan Kala, Ancient Khorezm

This strange citadel is lost in the bush and is considered by scientifics to be a cult structure dedicated to astronomical observations of the sun and stars.
Queen Boko Palace, An archaeological site, Central Java

Queen Boko Palace, An archa ...Queen Boko Palace, An archa ...

Among other destination, this place may not be frequent speakable.
Muang Sing Khmer temple, Kanchanaburi

Muang Sing Khmer temple, Ka ...Muang Sing Khmer temple, Ka ...

The ancient city of Muang Sing is almost square shaped, surrounded by moats and laterite city walls. The site area is about 100 hectares...
Segobriga Roman city, La Mancha

Segobriga Roman city, La ManchaSegobriga Roman city, La Mancha

In the very heart of Spain in a wild and grand landscape, a very well preserved Roman city...
Eshmoun temple

Eshmoun templeEshmoun temple

A lost Phoenician temple in the middle of orange trees fields
Wat Chaiwatthanaram, Ayutthaya

Wat Chaiwatthanaram, AyutthayaWat Chaiwatthanaram, Ayutthaya

A little Angkor Wat located on the Chao Phraya river, outside Ayutthaya city centre.
Prasat Muang Tam Khmer temple, Isan

Prasat Muang Tam Khmer temp ...Prasat Muang Tam Khmer temp ...

Close to Phanom Rung temple, this little temple is not so well located and famous, but however, it is worth making a stop there, because you might be the day only visitor of this lovely temple!
Wat Lokayasutharam reclining Buddha Ayutthaya

Wat Lokayasutharam reclinin ...Wat Lokayasutharam reclinin ...

A graceful reclining Buddha...
Güimar pyramides, Tenerife

Güimar pyramides, TenerifeGüimar pyramides, Tenerife

6 strange pyramids made of stone, with geometrical steps looking like the Aztec temples in Central America... Real or fake?!
Prasat Hin Phimai ruins, Isan

Prasat Hin Phimai ruins, IsanPrasat Hin Phimai ruins, Isan

One of the biggest religious sanctuary found in Thailand. It is now a nice flowered park, looking like a little Angkor...
Mac Ritchie Reservoir, Singapore

Mac Ritchie Reservoir, SingaporeMac Ritchie Reservoir, Singapore

One of the last primary forests in Singapore … Ideal for a nature day trip in Singapore, walking along the lake, enjoying the “Tree Top” suspension bridge, hunting for a lost Japanese shrine or hav
Phanum Rung Khmer temple,  Isan

Phanum Rung Khmer temple,  IsanPhanum Rung Khmer temple, Isan

Phanum Rung is an amazing Khmer temple located on the top of a former volcano...
Mt. Nemrut Dag, Adiyaman

Mt. Nemrut Dag, AdiyamanMt. Nemrut Dag, Adiyaman

Mount Nemrut has since been a significant attraction, with thousands sunrise and sunset visitors to see the stones in the best possible light.
Borobudur Temple

Borobudur TempleBorobudur Temple

One of The greatest budhism monument in the world
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