Teutonic Order

Toolse Order Castle, Estonia

Toolse Order Castle, EstoniaToolse Order Castle, Estonia

Nice medieval castle ruins close to the sea...
Kadyny (Cadinen) historic village, Vistula Lagoon

Kadyny (Cadinen) historic v ...Kadyny (Cadinen) historic v ...

Kadyny is a little village on the Vistula Lagoon inhabited by c.a. 600 people.
Kuressaare Kindlus, Kuressaare fortress, Saaremaa island

Kuressaare Kindlus, Kuressa ...Kuressaare Kindlus, Kuressa ...

A UNSECO classified fortress. Not off the path, but nice to see.
Frombork cathedrale,  Warmia

Frombork cathedrale,  WarmiaFrombork cathedrale, Warmia

Frombork is a little town (about 3000 inhabitants) located in the North of Poland in the Warmia Region. But it is also the town where Copernicus lived...
Malbork Castle, the "Magnificent Heap of Bricks"

Malbork Castle, the "Magnif ...Malbork Castle, the "Magnif ...

Malbork Castle, (North Poland)is sometimes called by us "the biggest heap of bricks inthe world" was built in the times of the Canterbury Tales, when the jousting tradition was in bloom.
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