Thai kingdoms

Nine Army Battle historical park Kanchanaburi

Nine Army Battle historical ...Nine Army Battle historical ...

An odd memorial park celebrating a famous Thai victory against Burma.
Pom Phet fortress, Ayutthaya

Pom Phet fortress, AyutthayaPom Phet fortress, Ayutthaya

A vestige of the 12km long city walls and fortresses that protected Ayutthaya in the past...
The Elephant Kraal, Ayutthaya

The Elephant Kraal, AyutthayaThe Elephant Kraal, Ayutthaya

A unique vestige of a teak structure dedicated to entrap wild elephants for the Thai Kingdom army.
Wat Phutthai Sawan, Ayutthaya

Wat Phutthai Sawan, AyutthayaWat Phutthai Sawan, Ayutthaya

This Wat, located on the Chao Phraya river, is a bit more far than other vestiges in Ayutthaya. Thus, it is not really visited, and worth a little tour.
King Prajadhipok  museum, Bangkok

King Prajadhipok  museum, BangkokKing Prajadhipok museum, Bangkok

A little, free, and unfrequented museum to know a bit more about the daily life of a Thai king.
Pom Phra Sumain fort, Bangkok old town

Pom Phra Sumain fort, Bangk ...Pom Phra Sumain fort, Bangk ...

A vestige of the old Bangkok fortress, standing in a nice park along the Chao Praya river...
Mahakan fort, Bangkok old town

Mahakan fort, Bangkok old townMahakan fort, Bangkok old town

The Mahakan fort is also called the Phrakan fortress. It is a vestige of the old Bangkok fortress...
Muang Sing Khmer temple, Kanchanaburi

Muang Sing Khmer temple, Ka ...Muang Sing Khmer temple, Ka ...

The ancient city of Muang Sing is almost square shaped, surrounded by moats and laterite city walls. The site area is about 100 hectares...
Wat Chaiwatthanaram, Ayutthaya

Wat Chaiwatthanaram, AyutthayaWat Chaiwatthanaram, Ayutthaya

A little Angkor Wat located on the Chao Phraya river, outside Ayutthaya city centre.
Wat Lokayasutharam reclining Buddha Ayutthaya

Wat Lokayasutharam reclinin ...Wat Lokayasutharam reclinin ...

A graceful reclining Buddha...
Sri Nakakharin Park vestiges, Ayutthaya

Sri Nakakharin Park vestige ...Sri Nakakharin Park vestige ...

Inside Ayutthaya, a huge park with numerous little vestiges of wats, chedis and prangs...

Thailand National Museum, BangkokThailand National Museum, Bangkok

The museum's gallery starts with the prehistory of Thailand, and takes you through the early kingdoms (Lanna and Sukhothai) to Ayutthaya and finally to the modern Thai kingdom.
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