Fort de Peccais, Aigues-Mortes

Fort de Peccais, Aigues-MortesFort de Peccais, Aigues-Mortes

An incredible site: the ruins of a 16th century fort, lost in the marshland... Atmosphere guaranteed.
Aiguade Vauban, Bellefontaine, Belle-ile, France

Aiguade Vauban, Bellefontai ...Aiguade Vauban, Bellefontai ...

"Aiguade Vauban" is one of the oldest and most curious buildings on the island!
Fort de Bouc Citadel, Martigues

Fort de Bouc Citadel, MartiguesFort de Bouc Citadel, Martigues

The fort is almost surrounded by the sea. This is an exceptional site. Built over the sea, the fort is completely white, overlooking the Martigues canal entry...
Le Palais, fortifications, Belle-Ile, France

Le Palais, fortifications,  ...Le Palais, fortifications, ...

This is a rare example of a 19th century urban fortified enclosure. The ramparts kept their original state.
Bonifacio coastal defences

Bonifacio coastal defencesBonifacio coastal defences

Bonifacio is a magnificiant Vauban fortress. On the southern side of the village, you can anjoy a beautiful view over the sea and discover impressive defence buildings.
Vauban Fort Médoc, Cussac Fort Médoc

Vauban Fort Médoc, Cussac F ...Vauban Fort Médoc, Cussac F ...

An unknown Vauban citadel, with a nice sight on the Gironde river...
Citadel of Bitche, Moselle

Citadel of Bitche, MoselleCitadel of Bitche, Moselle

The Citadel is the first thing you see when you arrive in Bitche. This impressive Vauban Citadel proudly stands on its huge pink sandstone rocky hill.
Vauban Citadel, Le Palais, Belle-Ile, Brittany

Vauban Citadel, Le Palais,  ...Vauban Citadel, Le Palais, ...

Built to protect the island freshwater resources, the impressive Vauban Citadel plunges its high walls in the ocean, in a fabulous view.
Neuf-Brisach, Alsace

Neuf-Brisach, AlsaceNeuf-Brisach, Alsace

The masterpiece of Vauban military architecture.
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