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Falia village, Sine Saloum delta

Falia village, Sine Saloum deltaFalia village, Sine Saloum delta

A lovely little village lost in the middle of the mangrove. A little market, a few baobab trees... And then, an adventurous dugout day trip in the Sine Saloum meanders...
Notre-Dame de Nieigles church, Ardèche

Notre-Dame de Nieigles chur ...Notre-Dame de Nieigles chur ...

The village, with its houses huddled around the Romanic church, is located on the side of a hill and is harmoniously enshrined in a beautiful natural site.
Dionwar village, Sine Saloum delta

Dionwar village, Sine Saloum deltaDionwar village, Sine Saloum delta

A floating town at the end of the world. Only accessible by boat, lost between the ocean and the mangrove, Dionwar is worth seeing!
Acequias mountain village, Merida

Acequias mountain village, MeridaAcequias mountain village, Merida

Acequias is a lovely and lonely village, perched on a mountain close to the Acequias ruins.
Sky City - The Acoma Pueblo

Sky City - The Acoma PuebloSky City - The Acoma Pueblo

It is the legendary Sky City - the ancestral home of the Acoma people. It was the Spanish who called the adobe communities of the native Americans pueblos (or little towns).
Bigorre-aux-Maziaux, Saint-Front, Haute-Loire

Bigorre-aux-Maziaux, Saint- ...Bigorre-aux-Maziaux, Saint- ...

A marvellously restored sentimental and picturesque hamlet.
Romanic church of Saint-Front, Haute Loire

Romanic church of Saint-Fro ...Romanic church of Saint-Fro ...

A village and its church on the Velay highlands.
Hermigua village, La Gomera island

Hermigua village, La Gomera islandHermigua village, La Gomera island

A 500 inhabitants village, located in a lush valley on the north-east side of the island. A very quiet atmosphere.
Nymboida - outdoor adventure home

Nymboida - outdoor adventure homeNymboida - outdoor adventure home

Do you love white water rafting, kayaking, abseiling, bushwalking or just floating down the river to view platypus - Nymboida is the place to do all of these things
 Saint-Hilaire village and church, Chassiers, Ardèche

 Saint-Hilaire village and  ... Saint-Hilaire village and ...

In the very heart of the regional natural park of "Monts d'Ardèche", Chassiers is a small medieval village with a rich architectural heritage (16th-17th centuries).
Ailhon village and church, Ardèche

Ailhon village and church,  ...Ailhon village and church, ...

Located near of Aubenas, Ailhon is a village which has retained the charm of its sandstone houses, protecting its lovely romanic church of the 13th century.
Koprivshtitsa historic town

Koprivshtitsa historic townKoprivshtitsa historic town

Koprivshtitsa (Копривщица) was one of the centres of the April Uprising against the Ottoman occupation in 1876 and is known for its authentic architecture, folk music festivals, museums.
Skärhamn, Tjörn island

Skärhamn, Tjörn islandSkärhamn, Tjörn island

An interesting place to visit for those who want to see a fishing port.
Manufactures de Villeneuvette, vestiges of an urban and industrial project

Manufactures de Villeneuvet ...Manufactures de Villeneuvet ...

A nice (but touristic) walk through the vestiges of an old industrial project.
Gorges of Pommerol, Drôme

Gorges of Pommerol, DrômeGorges of Pommerol, Drôme

Picturesque gorges decorated with strange shaped rocks, Pommerol is also the name of an old provencal village with an original history...
Lavaudieu village and abbey

Lavaudieu village and abbeyLavaudieu village and abbey

The village gets its name from the Benedictine abbey established here in the Middle Ages and which turned the Senouire valley into “la vallée de Dieu” (valley of God).
Wissembourg walk tour, Alsace

Wissembourg walk tour, AlsaceWissembourg walk tour, Alsace

At the northern edge of Alsace, and 1km from the German border, Wissembourg remained virtually intact despite a rich historical past.
Balazuc village, Ardèche, France

Balazuc village, Ardèche, FranceBalazuc village, Ardèche, France

Balazuc is a picturesque village overlooking the Ardèche river .

Torekov villageTorekov village

Eating fishes while looking at the sea front...
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