The Great Mada Kari Pura Waterfall

The Great Mada Kari Pura WaterfallThe Great Mada Kari Pura Waterfall

Madakaripura is truly an off the path destination. Often being forgotten by the explorers who had Bromo as their primary destination.
Akhiam caves, Agoudal, High Atlas

Akhiam caves, Agoudal, High AtlasAkhiam caves, Agoudal, High Atlas

An amazing landscape and atmosphere, like in the famous Blueberry comics: a waterfall hiding the entrance of a titanic cave, that you can only access if you cross an enormous natural arch...
Nipah valley, Tioman island

Nipah valley, Tioman islandNipah valley, Tioman island

This is paradise! A creek, a beach, a river. The ideal place to get away from hordes of tourists and enjoy simple nature life.
El Playón / Rio Caura

El Playón / Rio CauraEl Playón / Rio Caura

Most beautiful place on earth?
Curug Malela (Malela Waterfall)

Curug Malela (Malela Waterfall)Curug Malela (Malela Waterfall)

The tough journey is really worth the view.
Salto Hacha Waterfall, Canaima

Salto Hacha Waterfall, CanaimaSalto Hacha Waterfall, Canaima

Salto Hacha is an impressive waterfall. But the best is that there is a hidden trail behind the waterfall. A unique experience.
Don Tana  (Kaeng Tana) cataract, Khong Chiam

Don Tana  (Kaeng Tana) cata ...Don Tana (Kaeng Tana) cata ...

Don Tana is a sand bar of 450 metres in width and 700 metres in length that emerges and splits the Mun River into two branches. During the rainy season, the cataract is impressing!
Salto Ucaima waterfall and beach, Canaima

Salto Ucaima waterfall and  ...Salto Ucaima waterfall and ...

Just opposite from the Canaima beach, a huge waterfall...
Wallaman Falls

Wallaman FallsWallaman Falls

Wallaman Falls are Australia's highest permanent waterfall with a single drop of 268 meters. Apparently the pool at the end of the waterfall is reported to be over 20 meters deep

Calomarde waterfall, Albarracin, AragonCalomarde waterfall, Albarracin, Aragon

A very nice walk and waterfall not really far from the road... A fresh stop during the warm season...
Narces de Chaudeyrolles, Haute-Loire

Narces de Chaudeyrolles, Ha ...Narces de Chaudeyrolles, Ha ...

The vestige of a huge crater, with a rich flora to discover, and many trails.
Cascade du Tombereau, waterfall, Bras

Cascade du Tombereau, water ...Cascade du Tombereau, water ...

Little and shady waterfall.
Ray-Pic waterfall, Sainte Eulalie, Ardèche

Ray-Pic waterfall, Sainte E ...Ray-Pic waterfall, Sainte E ...

Short but pretty walk leading to a cool waterfall in an interesting geological environment.
Soi Sawan waterfall, Pha Taem, Khong Chiam

Soi Sawan waterfall, Pha Ta ...Soi Sawan waterfall, Pha Ta ...

A nice and fresh water where you can swim...
Cumberland falls, Kentucky

Cumberland falls, KentuckyCumberland falls, Kentucky

Imagine a 60 feet high waterfall, a unique place in America where you can see moon bows at night...
La Baume waterfall "Haute Loire"

La Baume waterfall "Haute Loire"La Baume waterfall "Haute Loire"

The cascade of La Beaume is the result of erosion: the Ourzie river water cut basalt plateau and fall 27 metres below, to give Beaume river rise to the Loire.
Montmorency falls, Quebec

Montmorency falls, QuebecMontmorency falls, Quebec

The Montmorency Falls are located near Quebec City. These falls are 84 meters (275 ft.) high. They are the highest in the Quebec province and 30 m (98 ft.) higher than Niagara Falls!
Erawan waterfalls, Kanchanaburi

Erawan waterfalls, KanchanaburiErawan waterfalls, Kanchanaburi

Erawan waterfalls is a very popular place in Thailand: 7 blue lagoon waterfalls deep into the jungle. The place is really crowded, but you can manage to be there alone...
Jägala Waterfall, Estonia

Jägala Waterfall, EstoniaJägala Waterfall, Estonia

A wide waterfall running down a limestone edge.
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