World Records

La Treille world's longest wooden bench, Geneva

La Treille world's longest  ...La Treille world's longest ...

If you are looking for nice ambiances and little romantic streets, have a walk in the "Old Geneva". There, if you need a break, seat on the longest wooden bench of the world: 120m long...
San Carlos de la Cabana fortress, parque historico militar Morro Cabana

San Carlos de la Cabana for ...San Carlos de la Cabana for ...

Simply the largest fort in America.
Capitolio Nacional, La Habana

Capitolio Nacional, La HabanaCapitolio Nacional, La Habana

The same, but bigger than the Capitol in Washington DC…
Salto Angel waterfall, Canaima

Salto Angel waterfall, CanaimaSalto Angel waterfall, Canaima

The highest waterfall of the world: 980m. Famous, but unique.
CERN, guided tour, Geneve

CERN, guided tour, GeneveCERN, guided tour, Geneve

The world's biggest particle accelerator and the world's biggest machine of all time !
Viaduct of Millau, Aveyron, France

Viaduct of Millau, Aveyron, FranceViaduct of Millau, Aveyron, France

The viaduct of all the records!
Cabo Girao cliff, Madeira

Cabo Girao cliff, MadeiraCabo Girao cliff, Madeira

Cabo Girao is the highest cliff of Europe and the second highest one of the whole world.
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