Canary Islands

Off the path Canary Islands!

Sandy beaches, alpine forests and craters, lava fields and deserts, each Canary Island is very different from others!

Lanzarote is black and white. Fuerteventura has endless beaches. Las Palmas is famous for its dunes and its colonial charm... As for the one who can go there, the smallest and most mysterious island El Hierro.

Those traveling to the Canary Islands in search of sunshine will return amazed by the beauty of volcanoes. The main tourist resort in the Canary Islands are concentrating in a few epicenters of the main islands, leaving the Canaries and the more adventurous Explorers a chance to discover many off the path spots!

Whereas C. Colombus stopped there on his way to Americ, some will see in Canary islands an outpost of Africa, others, a bridge between Europe and South America.

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