Pakri observation tower and bunkers, Paldiski

Pakri observation tower and ...Pakri observation tower and ...

A huge observation bunker emerging from the forest.
Stebel Soviet Coastal Battery, Sääre, Saaremaa island

Stebel Soviet Coastal Batte ...Stebel Soviet Coastal Batte ...

Some vestiges of the hard fightings between the Russians and the Germans in WW1 and WW2. One day is not enough to visit all the bunkers!
Türisalu Sovietic Rocket base

Türisalu Sovietic Rocket baseTürisalu Sovietic Rocket base

Visit some impressive vestiges of the cold war: an abandonned Rocket base...
Madise lost cemetary, Paldiski

Madise lost cemetary, PaldiskiMadise lost cemetary, Paldiski

A little abandoned cemetary close to Madise village...
Kabli bird station, Krundiküla

Kabli bird station, KrundikülaKabli bird station, Krundiküla

A strange trap dedicated to study birds migrations.
Väike-Rõude Mois, ruined manor, Läänemaa

Väike-Rõude Mois, ruined ma ...Väike-Rõude Mois, ruined ma ...

The ruins of a lost manor hidden in a forest.
Muhu Stronghold, Saaremaa / Muhu islands

Muhu Stronghold, Saaremaa / ...Muhu Stronghold, Saaremaa / ...

An old Pagan stronghold...
Pulgoja at Luitemaa Nature reserve, Häädemeeste vald, Pärnu

Pulgoja at Luitemaa Nature  ...Pulgoja at Luitemaa Nature ...

A nice walk in a coastal nature reserve!
Püha Miikaeli kirik, church, Häädemeste

Püha Miikaeli kirik, church ...Püha Miikaeli kirik, church ...

A small lutherian church.
Kirbla kirik, the smallest stone church in Estonia

Kirbla kirik, the smallest  ...Kirbla kirik, the smallest ...

A small and simple chuch.
Linnahall, concert/sports hall, Tallinn

Linnahall, concert/sports h ...Linnahall, concert/sports h ...

A huge bunker looking like concert hall, almost abandonned, overlooking the Tallinn Harbour.

Kiltsi lennuväli abandoned airfield, HaapsaluKiltsi lennuväli abandoned airfield, Haapsalu

A former soviet military airfield...
Toolse Order Castle, Estonia

Toolse Order Castle, EstoniaToolse Order Castle, Estonia

Nice medieval castle ruins close to the sea...
Miini Muuseum, Underwater LMines Museum, Tallin

Miini Muuseum, Underwater L ...Miini Muuseum, Underwater L ...

A strange and interesting museum about unknown military objects: the sea mines...

Paldiski Nuclear ReactorPaldiski Nuclear Reactor

Abandonned nuclear reactors...
Püha Siimeoni ja naisprohvet Hanna kirik, orthodox church, Tallinn

Püha Siimeoni ja naisprohve ...Püha Siimeoni ja naisprohve ...

A little church close to Tallinn Harbour.
Haapsalu train station and museum

Haapsalu train station and museumHaapsalu train station and museum

A nice little museum where you can admire old steam and soviet trains, as well an interesting old train station, now out of use.
Villa Ammende, Art Nouveau, Pärnu

Villa Ammende, Art Nouveau, PärnuVilla Ammende, Art Nouveau, Pärnu

A singular Art Nouveau villa, which is now an hotel and restaurant.
Sörve cape and lighthouse, Saaremaa island

Sörve cape and lighthouse,  ...Sörve cape and lighthouse, ...

A nice cape at the extrem end of the Saaremaa island.
Pakri cliffs, Paldiski peninsula

Pakri cliffs, Paldiski peninsulaPakri cliffs, Paldiski peninsula

One of the highest cliffs in Estonia!
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