Discover Off the Path Estonia!

Independant since 1991 of the Soviet influence, Estonia has modernized very quickly: what surprises Explorers when arriving in Tallinn is to see how internet is everywhere in this country. For instance, it is in Estonia that Skype was created. With thousands of free wifi access points, some people even call Estonia "e-stonia"...

With that said, Estonia also offers an interesting History (at the crossroads of Swedish, Finnish, Russian and German influences) and strong local traditions.

Little villages, huge forest, hundreds of kilometers of coast, many swamps (20% of the territory), Estonia is a very easy and pleasant country for Explorers who want to travel out of the beaten track, whereas Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, is one of the few modern cities in the world still surrounded by an authentic wall with a preserved medieval city...

This group is dedicated to Explorers looking for discovering and sharing Off the Path Explos in Estonia. So come and join us!

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