Rambervillers, flammed potteryRambervillers, flammed pottery

An unique variety of ceramics in the tradition of the "Ecole de Nancy".
Beausoleil viewpoint, A8 motorway

Beausoleil viewpoint, A8 motorwayBeausoleil viewpoint, A8 motorway

When you drive on the A8 motorway to Italy, you can make a stop at the Beausoleil petrol station and enjoy one of the most beautiful panoramas on Cote d'Azur, overlooking Monaco and Monte Carlo.
Walking tour on the bank of the Rhone river, Arles

Walking tour on the bank of ...Walking tour on the bank of ...

What would be Arles without the Rhone river? Here's your chance to discover the city, walking along the river ...
Grotte du Garou, cave, Gros Cerveau, Ollioules, Toulon

Grotte du Garou, cave, Gros ...Grotte du Garou, cave, Gros ...

A little cave, easy to access...
Mission Marchand Monument, Porte Dorée, Vincennes

Mission Marchand Monument,  ...Mission Marchand Monument, ...

This monument was erected in 1934, at the death of Commander Marchand, in memory of the expedition he lead to Fashoda (Nile, Sudan) in 1898.
Saint Germain des Prés Art galleries, Paris

Saint Germain des Prés Art  ...Saint Germain des Prés Art ...

Visiting an original open air modern art museum for free at your own pace, while discovering Paris districts and café terrasses? Let's make an art galleries tour!
The buddhist pantheon, Paris

The buddhist pantheon, ParisThe buddhist pantheon, Paris

The buddhist pantheon is part of the great Guimet museum for asian arts. The buddhist pantheon is a really peaceful place.
Paragliding in Talloires

Paragliding in TalloiresParagliding in Talloires

Paragliding in Talloires with unbeatable view of lake Annecy and surrounding mountains.
Grotte de St. Germain, Talloires

Grotte de St. Germain, TalloiresGrotte de St. Germain, Talloires

While visiting the church of St. Germain in Talloires, there is a trail ligned up with crosses that takes you to a small grotto with an awesome view of lake Annecy.
The Pic du Midi, astronomical observatory

The Pic du Midi, astronomic ...The Pic du Midi, astronomic ...

A wonderful sight over the French Pyrenees mountains, with easy access. If you like astronomy, nature and sights, this is definitely a "must go" destination if you are around!
Bridge over Vézère river, Le  Saillant, Voute

Bridge over Vézère river, L ...Bridge over Vézère river, L ...

An old and lovely bridge over Vézère river...
Croix de Guizay

Croix de GuizayCroix de Guizay

Impregnable belveder on Saint-Etienne. A sight of the entire town, main street and buildings
La Promenade Plantée park, Paris 12

La Promenade Plantée park,  ...La Promenade Plantée park, ...

This former railway was transformed into a very pleasant park, ideal for long walks (4.5km long!).
Roquemengarde water mill, Paulhan

Roquemengarde water mill, PaulhanRoquemengarde water mill, Paulhan

A nice spot on the Heraul river.
Poussan Art Deco former city hall

Poussan Art Deco former city hallPoussan Art Deco former city hall

An interesting little ARt Deco style building in Poussan.
Mount Chaberton fortress, Briançon

Mount Chaberton fortress, B ...Mount Chaberton fortress, B ...

The Tartar Steppe, 3000 m of height!... An impressive Italian fortress at the top of a mountain, with panoramic sight on the southern Alps...
The Rove Tunnel, L'estaque

The Rove Tunnel, L'estaqueThe Rove Tunnel, L'estaque

A strange hole at the rear of the Rove marina... This is the entrance of the tunnel...
Ile Verte, La Ciotat

Ile Verte, La CiotatIle Verte, La Ciotat

Ile Verte literally means "the Green Island". A little paradise, with 3 beaches, 2 lost forts ruins, creeks, pine trees and deep blue water.
Dinosaur eggs and fossiles, Saint-André-de-Rosans, Hautes-Alpes

Dinosaur eggs and fossiles, ...Dinosaur eggs and fossiles, ...

A Geological curiosity, with a very pleasant walking tour.
Batterie des Caurres, Tournoux Fortress, Ubaye valley

Batterie des Caurres, Tourn ...Batterie des Caurres, Tourn ...

This fortress was built from 1843 to 1890 and modified from 1935 to 1939.
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