Pierre Ecrite Roman inscription, Sisteron

Pierre Ecrite Roman inscrip ...Pierre Ecrite Roman inscrip ...

At the entrance of Saint-Geniez village, the road goes through a defile between the mountains, ending with a Latin inscription engraved on the rock: Pierre Ecrite.
Littoral Trail, basin of Arcachon, Teich

Littoral Trail, basin of Ar ...Littoral Trail, basin of Ar ...

This 8 km trail allows you to tour an ornithological park. This route is totally free.
César Tower , Allassac, Corrèze

César Tower , Allassac, CorrèzeCésar Tower , Allassac, Corrèze

Built in the 13th century and redesigned during Louis the 14th reign, the Tour César is an historical monument since 1949.
Saint Dromon Chapel and crypt, Saint Geniez

Saint Dromon Chapel and cry ...Saint Dromon Chapel and cry ...

A lovely chapel, and a small walking tour.
Dolmen du Pouget, megalith

Dolmen du Pouget, megalithDolmen du Pouget, megalith

A very well conserved dolmen in a pleasant wood...
Cascade du Tombereau, waterfall, Bras

Cascade du Tombereau, water ...Cascade du Tombereau, water ...

Little and shady waterfall.
Les Gours Bénis spring, Bras

Les Gours Bénis spring, BrasLes Gours Bénis spring, Bras

A spring with a little lake
Simserhof Maginot fortress, Bitche, Moselle

Simserhof Maginot fortress, ...Simserhof Maginot fortress, ...

The big artillery fort of Simserhof is located 4km west of Bitche. It is the centrepiece of the Maginot line in the sector, between the Saar flood area and the mountainous Northern Vosges.
Dambach-Neunhoffen, Casemates Maginot, Alsace

Dambach-Neunhoffen, Casemat ...Dambach-Neunhoffen, Casemat ...

Between the powerful Simserhof fort (Bitche sector) and Four-à-Chaux / Hochwald (Wissembourg sector) stands a vast 40km long area of forest, which was poorly defended by simple infantry casemates.
Ray-Pic waterfall, Sainte Eulalie, Ardèche

Ray-Pic waterfall, Sainte E ...Ray-Pic waterfall, Sainte E ...

Short but pretty walk leading to a cool waterfall in an interesting geological environment.
Baerenstall, German WW1 cemetery, Munster

Baerenstall, German WW1 cem ...Baerenstall, German WW1 cem ...

Around Memorial of «Le Linge»  (see related article), 2 military cemeteries keep the sad memory of the hard fightings of 1915 and the tens of thousands of unnecessary deaths: the French national ne
Romanian Military Cemetery, Soulzmatt, Alsace

Romanian Military Cemetery, ...Romanian Military Cemetery, ...

Romanian military cemetery of the First World war, also called cemetery of the Val du Pâtre.
WW1 necropolis of Wettstein, Orbey, Alsace

WW1 necropolis of Wettstein ...WW1 necropolis of Wettstein ...

At 880m height, in the very pleasant frame of a epicea pine forest, stands a French military cemetery of the 14-18 war where rest more than 3,000 soldiers, especially Alpine Hunters, who died durin
Comborn castel, Orgnac, Corrèze

Comborn castel, Orgnac, CorrèzeComborn castel, Orgnac, Corrèze

Close to Orgnac-sur-Vézère is located a fortress built during the 11th century on a rocky spur surrounded on 3 sides by the Vézère river: the Comborn castle.
Avully castle, Brenthomme, Thonon

Avully castle, Brenthomme, ThononAvully castle, Brenthomme, Thonon

A very well conserved feudal castle to visit!
Pointe des Poulains cape,  Sarah Bernhardt fort,  Belle-ile, France

Pointe des Poulains cape,   ...Pointe des Poulains cape, ...

At the North-West end of Belle-ile, the Pointe des Poulains cape is battered by waves and storms. It is a magical place made famous by Sarah Bernhardt.
Ventadour castle, Ardèche

Ventadour castle, ArdècheVentadour castle, Ardèche

Located at the confluence of the Ardèche and the Fontaulière rivers, the fortress of Ventadour, standing atop a rocky ridge, is really impressive.
Notre Dame des Miracles church, Mauriac

Notre Dame des Miracles chu ...Notre Dame des Miracles chu ...

The most remarkable Romanic monument of Cantal.
Salm castle, Pierre Percée, Vosges

Salm castle, Pierre Percée, ...Salm castle, Pierre Percée, ...

Perched on its pedestal red sandstone, the ruins of the castle dominate the Pierre Percée small village and the lake of the same name.
Le Taoumé & La Treille walking tour

Le Taoumé & La Treille walk ...Le Taoumé & La Treille walk ...

Le Taoumé and La Treille are the places where Marcel Pagnol was used to go for vacation as a boy.
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