World's smallest bunker, German Museum of technology, Berlin

World's smallest bunker, Ge ...World's smallest bunker, Ge ...

Interested in military history and bunkers? Want to see the smallest bunker of the world? Here you are...
Check Point Charlie art Galleries, Berlin

Check Point Charlie art Gal ...Check Point Charlie art Gal ...

Berlin is maybe the craziest city in Europe for nightlife, art and creation. So you can't visit Berlin without checking out German contemporary art creations and visiting Berlin's art galleries.
U-Boot U-995 submarine, Kiel

U-Boot U-995 submarine, KielU-Boot U-995 submarine, Kiel

For those want want to experience how life was on board of a German WW2 U Boot...
St-Stephanmünster, Breisach, Kayserstuhl

St-Stephanmünster, Breisach ...St-Stephanmünster, Breisach ...

Breisach, the capital of Kayserstuhl, is famous for the interior decoration of the St-Stephanmünster cathedral.
The Berlin Wall, Ostbahnhof, Friedrichshain

The Berlin Wall, Ostbahnhof ...The Berlin Wall, Ostbahnhof ...

Discover one of the latest remains of a symbolic wall that once divided Berlin and the world.
German Museum of Technology, Berlin

German Museum of Technology ...German Museum of Technology ...

Germany is notably famous for its industrial and technical know how. So it might be a good idea to visit the German Technic museum huh?

German History museum temporary exhibitions, BerlinGerman History museum temporary exhibitions, Berlin

While visiting the museums island, if you are getting tired of accademic art and museums huge queues, then have a break and go to a little uncrowded museum: the temportary exhibitions of the German
Checkpoint Charlie, Berlin

Checkpoint Charlie, BerlinCheckpoint Charlie, Berlin

Checkpoint Charlie has been a symbol of the cold war and the east-west tensions.
Pergamon Museum, Berlin

Pergamon Museum, BerlinPergamon Museum, Berlin

Okay: the Pergamon museum is not an original place...
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