Terkulai island, Tanjung Pinang, Bintan

Terkulai island, Tanjung Pi ...Terkulai island, Tanjung Pi ...

Terkulai island is a lovely desert island fringed by a sandy beach...
The Great Mada Kari Pura Waterfall

The Great Mada Kari Pura WaterfallThe Great Mada Kari Pura Waterfall

Madakaripura is truly an off the path destination. Often being forgotten by the explorers who had Bromo as their primary destination.
Sumur getaway beach

Sumur getaway beachSumur getaway beach

Private beach for everyone: yup... that's what i'd call this beach. It's really nowhere to be found. No people around in range 3km, white sand, clear water. Perfect getaway for beach lover!
Queen Boko Palace, An archaeological site, Central Java

Queen Boko Palace, An archa ...Queen Boko Palace, An archa ...

Among other destination, this place may not be frequent speakable.
Curug Malela (Malela Waterfall)

Curug Malela (Malela Waterfall)Curug Malela (Malela Waterfall)

The tough journey is really worth the view.
Tanjung Puting National Park, Central Kalimantan

Tanjung Puting National Par ...Tanjung Puting National Par ...

Relaxing Adventuring Cruise Trip
Pulau Lengkuas (Lengkuas Island)

Pulau Lengkuas (Lengkuas Island)Pulau Lengkuas (Lengkuas Island)

Another beatiful island in Indonesia
Tanjung Pinang and Senggarang, Bintan

Tanjung Pinang and Senggara ...Tanjung Pinang and Senggara ...

Tanjung Pinang is a typical and fast growing Indonesian city. Not so far from Singapore, and ideal base if you want to visit Bintan island.
Baron Beach, the other beach in Yogyakarta

Baron Beach, the other beac ...Baron Beach, the other beac ...

Find the other side of beaches in Yogyakarta
Teluk Kiluan (Kiluan Bay)

Teluk Kiluan (Kiluan Bay)Teluk Kiluan (Kiluan Bay)

A beautiful island with great marine life.
Penyengat island, Bintan

Penyengat island, BintanPenyengat island, Bintan

A colourful little island and a paradise for those interested in discovering vestige of an old dynasty: Palace, mosque, houses, graves, forts...
Tanjung Bira (Cape of Bira)

Tanjung Bira (Cape of Bira)Tanjung Bira (Cape of Bira)

A beautiful cape with very soft white sands.
Jakarta History Museum

Jakarta History MuseumJakarta History Museum

if you come to jakarta never hurts to visit the museum this one, you can discover how the city of Jakarta is formed starting from the Dutch colonial era, japan and the independence era.
Taman Mini Indonesia Indah

Taman Mini Indonesia IndahTaman Mini Indonesia Indah

If you want to know all over Indonesian culture and tribes in just one day.
Kepulauan Seribu (Thousand Islands)

Kepulauan Seribu (Thousand  ...Kepulauan Seribu (Thousand ...

White sandy beach, snorkeling, diving, biking, island hopping...
Megalithic Site of Gunung Padang

Megalithic Site of Gunung PadangMegalithic Site of Gunung Padang

The site is expected to most major megalithic sites in Southeast Asia that serves as a place of worship for the people who settled there in about 2000 BC
Karimun Jawa

Karimun JawaKarimun Jawa

Half Piece Of Paradise in Java sea
Ijen Crater, Kawah Ijen

Ijen Crater, Kawah IjenIjen Crater, Kawah Ijen

The world's oldest turquoise-colored acid crater lake, part of Ijen volcano complex, a group of stratovolcanoes in East Java, Indonesia.
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