French Memorial of Pederobba

French Memorial of PederobbaFrench Memorial of Pederobba

This solid mausoleum contains the bodies of a little more than 1,000 French soldiers fallen during the fightings in Italy.
Monument to the soldier of Italy, Pederoba

Monument to the soldier of  ...Monument to the soldier of ...

The monument has been erected in 1988 for the 70th anniversary of the end of the Great War.
Gypsotheca Canoviano, Possagno

Gypsotheca Canoviano, PossagnoGypsotheca Canoviano, Possagno

Possagno is the home town of one of the greatest sculptors of all time : Antonio Canova (1757-1822).
Monte Tomba (869m), Cavaso del Tomba

Monte Tomba (869m), Cavaso  ...Monte Tomba (869m), Cavaso ...

With a 869m height, the mount Tomba was a strategic position on the eastern edge of Grappa mountains.
Francesco Baracca monument, Nervesa della Battaglia

Francesco Baracca monument, ...Francesco Baracca monument, ...

A short visit in a very beautiful wooded area, to remember the traces of Francesco Baracca.
Ex SNIA VISCOSA/Michelin plant tower, Stura, Torino

Ex SNIA VISCOSA/Michelin pl ...Ex SNIA VISCOSA/Michelin pl ...

An old "water tower", now lost in the middle of a commercial area.
Military sanctuary of Montello, Nervesa

Military sanctuary of Monte ...Military sanctuary of Monte ...

This imposing monument dominates the north-eastern part of Montello.
Mount Palon, massif of Grappa

Mount Palon, massif of GrappaMount Palon, massif of Grappa

The Palon Mount (1306m) has a strategic position in the Eastern part of the Grappa mounts.
Bus de Vela fort, Cadine, Trento

Bus de Vela fort, Cadine, TrentoBus de Vela fort, Cadine, Trento

A little red limestone Austrian fort erected in the middle of a narrow valley controlling the road to Trento...
Sanctuary of Madonna delle Rocca, Cornuda

Sanctuary of Madonna delle  ...Sanctuary of Madonna delle ...

For WW1 enthusiasts looking for vestiges of 1917-1918 fightings, in a very lovely region of wooded hills overlooking the Piave valley.
Centrale di Fies, abandonned power plant, Dro, Trentino

Centrale di Fies, abandonne ...Centrale di Fies, abandonne ...

A lost and partly abandonned power plant, with a very nice architecture.
Fish Market , Chioggia, Italy

Fish Market , Chioggia, ItalyFish Market , Chioggia, Italy

Located on the Southern side of the lagoon of Venice, 20km north from the delta of the Po river, Chioggia is a small town with an extraordinary fish market.
Chiusa di Strino Austrian fort, forte Velon, Vermiglio, Trentino

Chiusa di Strino Austrian f ...Chiusa di Strino Austrian f ...

With its 7 guns, this Austrian fort controlled the Italian border close to the Tonale pass. Close to it, you can visit the forte Velon.
EUR - San Pietro e San Paolo church, Rome

EUR - San Pietro e San Paol ...EUR - San Pietro e San Paol ...

Visit a curious church, built on an artificial hill at EUR...
Sant-Eustachio Abbey, Nervesa della Battaglia

Sant-Eustachio Abbey, Nerve ...Sant-Eustachio Abbey, Nerve ...

Some places, by their beauty, their silence, their past or events they suggest, can provide intense emotions to the visitor. This is the case for the San Eustachio Abbey ruins.
Forte Montecchio Nord, Colico, Como lake

Forte Montecchio Nord, Coli ...Forte Montecchio Nord, Coli ...

A unique fort, with a unique view from its dominant position on the Como lake and the Valtellina and Valchiavenna mountains. Some say it is the best preserved WW1 fortress in Europe...
Forte di Fuentes ruins, Colico, Como lake

Forte di Fuentes ruins, Col ...Forte di Fuentes ruins, Col ...

The old ruins of a spanish fort, and the vestiges of a WW1 battery, lost on a hill with dense vegetation.
Termini Rome train station

Termini Rome train stationTermini Rome train station

An amazing and huge modern façade in the centre of Rome , this place is also the place to go for all train lovers…
Arco ruined castle, Lago di Garda

Arco ruined castle, Lago di GardaArco ruined castle, Lago di Garda

This castle, perched on the top of a rocky hill with cypresses overloooks Arco and the plain spreading to the Garda lake.
British military cemetery, Giavera, Italia

British military cemetery,  ...British military cemetery, ...

A place dedicated to meditation, in memory of the arms brotherhood between Italian and British soldiers during WW1.
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