Lopaiciu mound, Tverai

Lopaiciu mound, TveraiLopaiciu mound, Tverai

Mound with good view to surrounding, mystical place with dolmen and Nine Streams spring (locals regularly come to collect water to home use). Follow paths with some climbing.
Kulgrinda - secret road, Lükstas lake

Kulgrinda - secret road, Lü ...Kulgrinda - secret road, Lü ...

Kulgrinda is a hidden underwater stony road across swamps used for defense (be ready to dive in the mud if you dare).
Medvegalis mound, Varniai

Medvegalis mound, VarniaiMedvegalis mound, Varniai

Medvegalis mound with very nice views from the top
Forest wetlands and nature, Taurage

Forest wetlands and nature, ...Forest wetlands and nature, ...

Nice walk in the nature reserve, relaxed walk by wooden path about 1km long.
Curonian Spit

Curonian SpitCuronian Spit

I am proud to introduce here very exceptional and most beautiful place in Lithuania (in my opinion).Ok, ok it's not out off the tourist track but, as Lithuania itself is not very crowded by foreign
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