Gladiator film vestiges, Ouarzazate

Gladiator film vestiges, Ou ...Gladiator film vestiges, Ou ...

A fake coliseum lost in the middle of the desert...
Oum Lâalag sacred oasis, Mhamid

Oum Lâalag sacred oasis, MhamidOum Lâalag sacred oasis, Mhamid

The closest oasis from Ouarzazate... Looking for a moonlight walk around a little oasis or for an accessible base camp to get around into the desert dunes? Get to Oum Lâalag sacred oasis!
Akhiam caves, Agoudal, High Atlas

Akhiam caves, Agoudal, High AtlasAkhiam caves, Agoudal, High Atlas

An amazing landscape and atmosphere, like in the famous Blueberry comics: a waterfall hiding the entrance of a titanic cave, that you can only access if you cross an enormous natural arch...
Bio-aromatic gardens of the Ourika Valley

Bio-aromatic gardens of the ...Bio-aromatic gardens of the ...

In the middle of the Ourika Valley (southern of Marrakech), an haven of serenity: medical and aromatic plants in a amazingly well laid out garden.
Tislit and Isli lakes, Imilchil, Atlas

Tislit and Isli lakes, Imil ...Tislit and Isli lakes, Imil ...

2 lakes (height: 2200m), an espousal faire, a world famous folklore festival... and plenty treks in magnificent landscapes!
Tiffoultoute kasbah, Ouarzazate

Tiffoultoute kasbah, OuarzazateTiffoultoute kasbah, Ouarzazate

Tiffoultoute is a kasbah perched on the top of a hill overlooking a nice palm grove and an amazing view over the Ouarzazate oued.
Photography House, Marrakech

Photography House, MarrakechPhotography House, Marrakech

Much more than a musuem, to see Marrakech from the late 19th century... and from above.
Aït-Benhaddou kasbah, Ouarzazate

Aït-Benhaddou kasbah, OuarzazateAït-Benhaddou kasbah, Ouarzazate

Aït-Benhaddou is a must go: this kasbah and its ksar have been classified since 1987 on the UNESCO list... And the David Lean and "Lawrence of Arabia" fans will recognize a familiar place!
Chgaga dunes, Mhamid

Chgaga dunes, MhamidChgaga dunes, Mhamid

Ouarzazate closest sand dunes. These 40-50m high dunes are easy to access to. A really nice place, where you will feel like lost in the middle of the Sahara desert...
Trekking In TOUBKAL Mountain 4167M

Trekking In TOUBKAL Mountain 4167MTrekking In TOUBKAL Mountain 4167M

Discover the highest summit in North Africa...

Imilchil Moussem festival, AtlasImilchil Moussem festival, Atlas

Once upon a time, the Aït Yaaza and the Aït Brahim clans were in perpetual state of war. One day, a young Aït Yaaza boy and a young Aït Brahim girl fell in love...
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